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    Scoring question on a bunt

    This is likely one of those "had to be there" questions, but how do you score a bunt and/or slow roller in which the fielder checks runners and 1B, ultimately making no throw? I lean towards FC but do you just have to use judgement as to how close the play on the batter at 1B would have been?
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    Interference on foul pop fly; catch still completed

    Saw this question on social media and wasn't sure I ever saw the correct answer. BR on 2nd and 3rd, no outs. Pop fly hit in foul territory, as F5 goes after ball the BR clearly interferes but F5 is able to scramble over, dive, and complete the catch. What, if anything, is the penalty? Can...
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    Umps- What would you do?

    Just curious how the experienced umps would handle this situation. First of all, it was a pool game and the games were already behind due to a rain delay, so I was not going to be "that coach" who filed a protest and held up everyone else at 10:00PM. The umpire crew had already been wrong...
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    Resources for new umpires

    @Comp @MTR @marriard (and any other experienced umpires here) I would greatly appreciate any resources you could direct me towards that would benefit new umpires, such as other message boards, online rule explanations/case explanations, etc. Also, if there are clinics you would recommend I...
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    Feedback appreciated as dd makes comeback

    I posted these in the "striding left" thread but thought I'd just ask for feedback in a new thread. DD has started her comeback and we're looking to correct some flaws that became exaggerated after her initial injury then layoff after elbow surgery. Primarily, looking for the best way to...
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    Ulnar nerve translocation surgery

    Ulnar nerve transposition surgery Has anyone dealt with ulnar nerve translocation surgery for their dd? Alternatively, has anyone been told they may need it and successfully used other treatments and never had the ulnar neuritis return? My dd is dealing with the numbness and occasionally pain...
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    Interference or Obstruction on hit and run?

    Obviously, I wish I had video but I'll describe it as best I can. Runner on first steals and the batter executes a near perfect hit and run, hitting behind the runner in the space the 2nd baseman vacated to cover the base. When 2nd baseman is about 8 feet from the base she sees where the ball...
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    Player not in defensive lineup enters field

    First time I've ever seen this I think. After an out is made in a high school playoff game a player from the bench of the defensive team runs onto the field and briefly talks to the pitcher (while the infield did their little after strikeout powwow in the circle) then runs off. I umpired...
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    Feedback/Constructive Criticism of 13yo DD appreciated

    She is far from a finished product, but has come so far in the last several months since changing her pitching coach. There are some obvious problems, but I would appreciate feedback on prioritizing and/or finding root causes of them. BTW, I think she is throwing a curve in the back view video...
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    Walk-throughs and long tosses better than pitching?

    Trying to figure out why DD walk-throughs and pitching from a longer distance (as we often do in warm-ups) are better than off of the rubber at 43 ft? I know video is most helpful and I will try soon but I am just curious if those of you who have been there and done that noticed this as well...

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