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    Latest video of Brooke

    Ok this is from a couple weeks ago. This past February she had to have reconstructive surgery on her right knee and had to redshirt her freshman year. She was released to do hitting only this fall and managed to get some AB's. Towards the end of fall she started to feel like her old self and was...
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    Our journey is over for the most part

    As many on here are aware I've shared Brookes journey to get a HLS on this site since she was 12yo. There's been many up and downs during this journey but its a necessary part of the journey. I honestly don't know how her college career will go but I know in my heart she's prepared and more...
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    Huge shoutout to Knights DD

    Knights DD just threw a shutout in Boulder against a topnotch CALI team. To know the family personally is a treat and I couldn't be happier or prouder of her. Way to go kiddo
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    It's a public board

    Since my post create such I stir I will not post on here anymore. That you can take to the bank. I wish everyone and their DD good luck. Peace out
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    Latest video of Brooke

    I've had some people asking for some recent video so here's some from last week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTK1QscCokQ
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    DD committed to University of Iowa tonight

    Just wanted to thank all the posters on here for all the feedback over the years and hopefully our experience will inspire another dad and his DD.
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    Tewks Empty your inbox can't reply.

    Just to fill the requirements.
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    Latest video of Brooke

    Got this video sent to me, it's sideways and I have no idea of how to fix it. HR to dead center over 250' Brooke's first HR 2 10 13 - YouTube
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    Latest video of DD

    Just some video of Brooke doing some T-work for those interested. As always feel free to comment. BROOKE9 30 12 2 001 - YouTube
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    Chronological order of my DD's progression.

    As Ive stated many times, my DD & I have been and continue the journey to developing an "Elite" swing. I've finally uploaded some of her older videos to go with her most recent swings so maybe it could help other dads & their DD on their journey. I've lost some along the way but I've posted what...
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    New video of my DD working on loading the hands

    Let me know what ya think. Personally very pleased with it. Brooke 12 23 11 004 - YouTube
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    New video of my DD

    Here's the latest video of my DD. Made some tweeks and like the progress. Let me know what ya think. brooke 12 21 11 001 - YouTube
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    Video of my 15yo DD from last night

    Started back up last night and went at it slowly. Like anyone else got some things to work on. Can see the rust, lol. crankermo's Channel - YouTube
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    My 14yo DD update

    As you all know my DD and I have had an ongoing series of updates on here, here is the latest. Like any journey, and developing a high level swing is a journey, we hit a few bumps in the road. Brooke's swing off the tee and even front toss was pretty darn good but she was having a hard time...
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    MY 14yo DD update.

    We played last night against one of the best 16U pitchers in our area last night. We won the game 1-0 and we only had 2 hits off her, but one of the hits was a shot off the leftfield fence on an inside fastball by Brooke for a double. She would go on to score the only run of the game. We've...
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    14yo DD part III

    Here's the latest video of Brooke. We are very excited about her progress and the direction she's headed. Let me know your thoughts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8IsUlnff6s
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    14 yo DD Part II

    Here's the latest of Brooke hitting. Just noticed how far the tee is away so that's a bummer. The lower half looks alot better to me but somethings missing in the upper half. Give me your feedback please. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72JaemkUjHU Here's another video after we tried some news...
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    OT: Looking for some good College Exposure tournaments for 14 u

    Team is out of MO but willing to travel for a good one. We've heard of a gd one in College Staion, TX but we don't know the name of it. Any contact info/link would be greatly appreciated for any tournament.
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    College Exposure Tournaments?

    14uTeam is from Missouri and we played in one in KC and STL last year and we are looking to for some different ones this coming year. We've heard about one in College Station TX but don't know the name of it, any help would be appreciated
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    My 14 yo daughter htting off tee

    Just wanted to post some video of my DD hitting. She's made tremendous strides in a short time but we still have alot to work on. Feel free to comment, TY. YouTube - 14 YO daughter hitting

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