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    Need help with 12u DD...recent IR convert

    My 12u dd made the switch to IR in April. She has struggled, but has kept at it and has really bought in...when the brush/snap happen along with overall good form, the results are great. Over the past week, she seems to have taken some steps back. Her warm-ups are solid, but things seem to...
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    Candrea or Kobata

    I'm "allowed" to buy one fielding video for dd. There are a lot of Candrea videos on youtube and we like them, but I've been told the Kobata vids may be more detailed. Are there other options...would really like to hear opinions. Thank you.
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    IR pitching coaches in North East Ohio

    I know this was asked in a thread over a year ago and was wondering if any IR coaches had popped in Ohio...specifically north of Columbus?
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    Switching to IR now or wait until after the season?

    My 12u dd is one of 3 pitchers on her travel team going into this season. Let's just say we have recently seen the light on IR,BI,etc. My gut tells me to start ASAP on transitioning to IR, but I'd like to hear from those that have done it. I know each kid is different, but is there a chance we...

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