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    Thanks Core!

    Ordered a Ghost from core on Saturday, the day before Easter. It was at my door Monday! Don’t know how he did that so quickly but thank you!
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    Another softball coach accused of molestation

    I was using a group messaging app a few years ago. One of the parents or players gave me a wrong number. Every time I would send off a group text for practice or games it would blast the wrong number with the text and replies. Even after I deleted the number from my phone it was still going to...
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    Travel family

    Parents that don’t bond with the team and other parents tend to be the parent that pull their kid if there’s any issues with playing time or position. Seems they have less skin in the game than people that invest into the spirit of the team.
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    Good end to a fun year

    Love that sound! Great job!
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    Is this fast for 12u?

    Fast is 3.0 and below. I’ve heard Division 1 wants 2.85. Always something to work on! That was a heck of a play!
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    12u asked to pitch 14 showcase

    Age 13-14 is when girls have their big growth spurt typically. 12U and 14U are very similar unless you face an older 14U team. Some of the older 14U teams play trophy hunts. Those teams can be a hurdle. My DD played up her last year of 12U and she will play up in 16U this year. That still...
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    Mizuno power carbon 2

    I just watched this video. Two young ladies hitting. Each testing different bats. Interesting to see their results. One hit best with the power carbon 2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=brSEiBHthXo
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    Help with practice!

    Since you have lots of new players with the small team I'd think most drills would be new or semi new. A speed drill on the bases. Divide the team in two groups. One group at home and the other on second base. Hand the player in front at each line a softball. Then have a race. Both girls run...
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    New training aid

    It was fun. We had two radar guns going with the ball. The velocity reading on the ball was around 2 mph different. Usually slower. DD’s two fastest readings on the ball were missed by the gun. Not sure if they were faster or slower as we had some read even, some slow, some fast.
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    New training aid

    Diamond Kinetics!
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    Strength Training Program

    I can’t remember which pitcher I was watching but it was either Abbot or Osterman using a medicine ball. She would hold it like it was her glove and ball by her waist/low abdomen. She would load her legs and drive off the rubber and throw the medicine ball to her trainer about 15 feet away. She...
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    New training aid

    DD was helping a scout last night/ owner of On Deck Sports. They have a new measuring aid. Similar to a Rev Fire. Shows speed of the ball, revolutions, direction of spin. DD's truest spin direction on her breaking pitches was her screw ball. She found squeezing her ring finger gave her more spin...
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    Drive leg

    I definitely think the rudder is her big issue. Need to work on the posture to rid herself of the very slight lean to the right. That slight lean allows the arm to pass without the proper brush interference. I can see a couple mph with these basic corrections.
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    Ramifications of coaching turnover

    I think I just posted the same story in the "college softball" forum. One of the girls my DD played with last summer, on the team she guest pitched for, got recruited by VA Tech. We hear about her experiences from my DD's pitching coach.
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    The Ugly side of recruiting

    https://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2018/12/18/robbinsville-softball-player-sees-ugly-side-college-recruiting/2026247002/ I hope this young woman does well for her new team! A player my DD played with last summer is on the team that dropped this young woman.
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    Drive leg

    Ok, so not as worried about her speed tonight as I was on Sunday. Pitched tonight with three different speed measurements. Low 52 high of 59. Steady 54-55. On sunday we were indoors inside netting. Her coach told me she thought the nets interfere with the radar. I tend to agree after the...
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    Drive leg

    She rudders. Drive leg foot down sideways, think bowling leg. She's 14, when younger 8 thru beginning 12 she had a bad leap. I believe there could be more synchronicity of the drive leg toward the batter with the ball release/hip angle at 45 deg. Right now the ball comes thru and is released...
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    Winter break

    We took off most of the fall this year. She pitched in two tournaments since August. We started back 3 weeks ago after HS volleyball ended. The volleyball really took away our ability to practice softball. This will be her longest break in about 4 years.
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    Drive leg

    Right now DD has plateaued in speed. Watching video all her speed comes from the upper body. She's leaving her drive leg behind. Are there any drills that can get the drive leg to finish strong and in sync with the arm whip? I always hear knee to knee finish. The ball is long gone with her...
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    Christmas gifts!

    Oldest DD wanted a Nike bat bag. Plays slow pitch now and needs more room for(drinking)gear. Got her the Nike special ops rolling bat bag. Best deal was at Bed Bath and Beyond...

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