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    simple effective bunt coverage for rec all star team

    Sorry for the confusion, but yes I was talking about the fake bunt/steal if the middle IF are going to the corners. If you can read it and know, then that's perfect, but It won't always be that easy. I just don't like giving them 2nd that easy if I was wrong about it. There's no way you're...
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    simple effective bunt coverage for rec all star team

    If you only have one bunt defense, you're essentially going to give up an easy/easier steal to the opponents at either 2nd or 3rd. If your middle IF cover the corners, any bunt/steal is a free base to 2nd every time. If SS covers 2nd and P/3B covers 3rd depending on who doesn't field the bunt...
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    1st & 3rd situations

    That is my favorite as well. What is the plan if the batter shows bunt?
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    1st & 3rd situations

    I have been toying with some different ideas and looking into how others approach the situation as well, but I just wanted to get some more input here. What are your favorite plays in this situation?
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    Wristbands for Offense/Defense

    I've used a wristband like this in the past as well, and to make it not as hard to pick up, we used a 3 number system with a color, and only one of the numbers was "live". That way, if you think somebody has a read on what you're trying to accomplish, you can just say a different number is live...
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    Hitting during practice

    We have a couple hitting cages and place to do tee work right beside our softball field, so that makes it easy. The biggest key is having people to help you run stations, and being able to trust them to run it right. We always split into groups and they will be different each time...
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    Video Question

    I am a high school coach, and we've never videoed our games before, but I would like to start doing so this year hopefully. My question is, what would be the best starter kit to get me going? I've read up on some of the gopros and stuff, but am still unsure of just what to get. We would only...
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    Outlaw armbands

    We have both. We put dummy signals on the card, you can either leave them blank or write "nothing" meaning nothing is on, so that is your dummy signal. Our numbers that mean something are 0-5, so they know anytime a 6-9 is used, its a dummy call as well. The coaches that are slowing the...
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    OSU vs Baylor: is the runner going from 1st to 2nd out?

    But since the b/r was not put out in this case, why was the runner then safe at 2nd? Did the umpires just mess this one up?
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    High School Coaches

    First off, let me say that I agree with you, that a coach should not publicly talk about his/her players or team in a negative manner, no matter the audience. I have seen numerous times in my career that the parents that complain, most of the time, could care less how the HS program can be...
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    OSU vs Baylor: is the runner going from 1st to 2nd out?

    I was watching this game, and as it played out, it confused me as well. The batter-runner beat the throw at 1B, and as Sparky said they threw the ball back to 2B with SS covering, but for some reason the runner was still called safe. Everybody was considered safe on the play, and no outs were...
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    BATS System

    I do believe that is what he was referring to. Thank you!
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    BATS System

    I was recently at a clinic with Mike White and he talked about a system they used to track their pitcher data called the BATS system. Anybody know anything about this or where I can find some information? I have searched for it, but have not had any luck finding anything.
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    Where to buy softballs?

    Go to a softball complex. Many times, the workers will find all kinds of balls left in the parks over the weekend and have their own collection just sitting there, waiting to get rid of them.
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    Interviewing Assistant Coaches

    What are some of the questions you ask when interviewing for an assistant coaches? Just trying to get different ideas/possibilities.
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    What helmets do you prefer to get your team and why?

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