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  1. Hube111

    Playing Up & Skipping Years 14U to 18U - Your Experiences

    Hi All. Looking for everybody's experience as far as playing up and skipping years in the 14U to 18U range. My DD has already made her decision so not really looking for advice, but would love to hear other's experience good/bad as far as skipping years and playing up and how it effected...
  2. Hube111

    FOR SALE - Vinci JCV34 Blue and White with Black Mesh 34 Inch Catchers Mitt - Used & Broken In

    Hi all. DD's catching career is over after a knee surgery late last year and it's time to get rid of her equipment. She used this JCV34 for 2 travel ball seasons where she split catching duties. It is a great catchers mitt and it took us forever to break it in. This white leather and laces...
  3. Hube111

    Playing OF in Extremely Bright Sun

    DD is freshman and she just made Varsity. She is now fighting for a staring spot in RF, but the field they practice on has the sun directly in her eyes every practice. She describes it like no sun she has had to deal with in the OF. She says either the ball completely disappears into the sun...
  4. Hube111

    Canada Cup 2019

    Anybody else going or have gone in the past? This will be our first trip and will will be playing 16U Futures I believe.
  5. Hube111

    Softball themed Xmas Gifts for DD......Help

    Happy early holidays to everyone. My DD is 14 and xmas the past few years has meant a new bat or some other equipment type purchase. This year DD is absolutely set on gear and I'm looking for other Softball themed ideas for gifts. If anyone has any good ideas to share please post. Thanks!
  6. Hube111

    Fielders Choice Rule Question

    This is either a scoring mistake, or part of the FC rules I don't know. Here is scenario. Runners on 2 and 3. DD hits a swinging bunt that is fielded by the Pitcher, who looks back the runner at 3rd and then turns towards 1st and doesn't make a throw. This gets recorded as a Fielders Choice...
  7. Hube111

    Demarini CF9 - Screw Near Knob Coming Out

    DD has a CF9 and a screw is slightly coming out of the handle near the knob. I'm assuming this little screw has something to do with connecting the knob to the handle. I haven't taken the wrap off yet, so right now it is just bump under the wrap. Anybody have any ideas why this is coming out...
  8. Hube111

    Dr. Visit Bad News

    Everything had been going so well for DD this fall. She just turned 14 and won the starting RF position on a 16A team full of girls that that drive to practice (that's crazy to me), and the team played in their first exposure tournament this past weekend and came in first place. Today we went...
  9. Hube111

    Recording Live Games 201 - Camera Settings & Fence Placement

    Hi All. This thread is an extension of a previous thread, Recording Live Games 101, where lots of folks kindly helped me out with some basic info on how they record games. Link Below to previous thread. With this new thread I'm hoping to go a bit further into details and learn more from...
  10. Hube111

    Recording Live Games 101

    I'm interested in recording my DD games with a Go Pro or something similar. Can someone give me a quick crash course on equipment and where to start? Camera, Mount, extra batteries, etc.... I've looked at the GoPro Hero a little bit on amazon. Also, what video editing software should I be...
  11. Hube111

    How are Try Outs going?

    We knew this was a year DD would be switching teams to move up to better competition. So we made our list of teams she wanted to try out for and braced ourselves for the madness that is try out season. Then we got super lucky and one of the teams on her try out list was looking for a pick up...
  12. Hube111

    What does a personal emal invite to prospect camp from DII coach mean?

    So DD attended a player evaluation camp last week and the organizers had a DII coach in attendance evaluating the girls. DD is an incoming freshman class of 2022. We selected the camp because DD wanted to see where she stood compared to girls her age and older. DD is very competitive and had...
  13. Hube111

    Easton Bats not named Ghost

    DD needs to move up in bat size and wants another Easton. I'm not in a position to spring for a ghost that's only legal in half the games she plays in, so that leaves the other bats in the Easton lineup. I'm sure many will want to jump in with suggestions from other manufacturers, but DD is...
  14. Hube111

    NSA Eastern WA Spring Tournaments

    Ice Breaker - April 6-8 in Tri Cities, and Sterling May 26-28 in Wenatchee. Anybody going? We are taking the trip through the mountains from Seattle for both this year to play in the 14U divisions. I see our fearless admin Ken Krous is also the tournament director for Sterling this year.
  15. Hube111

    Best Treatment for Small Injuries - Sore Arm & Ankle Sprain

    So DD's timing is bad. She tweaked her ankle at practice this past Sunday and has had a sore arm for the last week. She's 13 (C/OF) and this last month or so started a light weight training program, and between that and regular practice I think she strained a muscle on the top of her throwing...
  16. Hube111

    13 YO Swing Feedback

    Hoping to get some feedback on DD swing. We worked hard this past fall to get her swing more in sequence as she used to just lung towards the ball with her full body. With limited funds, we have chosen to date to put money into catching lessons instead of hitting, so any constructive feedback...
  17. Hube111

    Craziest Finish to a Game

    Craziest Finish to a game I have ever seen. This is 14U. Here's the scenario: We are down 3-0 in the bottom of the last inning as time has expired. Other team has played flawless defense and we have had 2 hits the whole game against a fast pitcher we have hit before, but it just wasn't...
  18. Hube111

    How to score this play?

    We lost in the bottom of the last inning on this play and it knocked us out of the tournament. Looking back I'm not sure it was scored correctly. Here's the situation. Runner on 2B, 1 out, in the bottom of the 5th and the score is tied at 6. Time has been called so it's the last inning...
  19. Hube111

    13 yr old Swing Feedback

    Hi All. I'm looking for some feedback on my DD swing. She is turning 13 and has one tournament left this summer at 12U and them moves to 14U. She had a good year this season but the majority of her hits were singles as she was hitting with all arms. So we have been working on generating more...
  20. Hube111

    Catching Mitt Advise Needed

    Hi All. Time to upgrade my DD catching mitt this summer for her birthday. She will be turning 13 and moving from 12U to 14U travel ball. She currently has a cheaper 33" Worth that has served her well, but she has gotten more serious about catching and needs a glove to match. She is 5'4" tall...

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