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    Organizing Middle School Tryouts

    Small school, pretty decent talent through 10 players. 6th through 8th grade. How many players do you keep? 12?, 14? (no mandate from school) Will have ~18 to 20 trying out. How would you organize this? In the past we've broken into groups, evaluated hitting, fielding/Throwing, base...
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    Middle School Softball - Coaching Advice

    So here is the scenario....will be coaching middle school team made up of 6th-8th graders. This will be a 6th grade heavy team with little help from 7th and 8th grade (very few 6 or less of this age. The younger players (6th grade) have actually played more than the older girls but there...
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    Accuracy/consistency Help

    Any secrets to this? How can someone be more consistent in their pitches. DD has better control of movement pitches, but has a really tough time with her fastball. She's also a lefty. I've tried to stress she just needs to master a change up and a movement/speed pitch she can control. She gets...

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