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    Interference Call Question

    Runner on first, Batter hits grounder to 2B. As 2B is fielding runner collides with 2B. As 2B continues the motion of throwing to first, umpire announces "Dead ball, interference, runner's out". He awards batter/runner first base even though ball reached first base well ahead of runner...
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    Bean Ball?

    What are your thoughts on all the HBPs in the Florida-UCLA game yesterday? I only saw part through internet connection, but heard UCLA coach was pretty vocal about it after the game. She inferred that it was intentional. She was also pretty snotty about Florida stealing on her "bullpen" catcher.
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    Drill to stop pitcher bending at the waist

    Help, this may have been covered, but I'm not smart enough to find it! DD is a 10 y.o. pitcher. In an effort to gain more speed, she has developed a tendency to bend at the waist, causing some high, wild throws. More importantly, she sometimes feels a "pull" in the muscles in the front...

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