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  1. burlap1980

    Usssa stamp changing

    Was talking to a buddy of mine and he told me that the usssa 2021 stamp will be the end of the 2014 stamp and will begin with a new stamp.
  2. burlap1980

    2020 Ghost Advanced

    Here is why it has me intrigued. My DD just had an injury to her tfcc late last year and has been working back all this spring from it. Inside pitches absolutely tear her up now. She swings mostly the asa ghost so I'm looking at it from the vibration damping aspect.
  3. burlap1980

    2020 Demarini FNX

    By the video says it's the insane replacement
  4. burlap1980

    2020 Demarini FNX

    Anyone have any word on this bat?
  5. burlap1980

    Monsta Hype FP

    Well according to Carl's post it didn't pass testing and they have to tweak it yet again. While my enthusiasm for the bat is starting to diminish I will probably still pick on up down the line.
  6. burlap1980

    Monsta Hype FP

    Maybe I worded it wrong wasn't ment as an attack on what you were saying at all. Agree with what you were saying. I also remember the issue people were having with delivery times last year maybe year before cant remember. Just saying I am looking at his bats the same as mizuno. Try outside...
  7. burlap1980

    Monsta Hype FP

    I know they are going to start coming out with a usssa slowpitch bat. Was also told that anarchy uses his barrels. But not sure about that. Core he may be a complete douche nozzle but if his Fastpitch bat is gonna be good I dont mind giving someone other than the big 4 a chance. But that's...
  8. burlap1980

    Monsta Hype FP

    Anyone heard anything on this? I know they were going through testing for certification and had failed twice but haven't heard about rnd 3. Videos I've seen bat looks and sounds nasty. Word was it had registered at 97 out of the wrapper and 1450 on the compression test. Which all pass but...
  9. burlap1980

    Spartanburg Phillies Tryouts

    Second-year travel ball organization Spartanburg Phillies is expanding to 10-u, 12-u, 14-u and 16-u teams. Tryouts 5/11, 5/18 Looking to fill positions on all teams. All positions considered looking for pitchers and catchers also. 10-u - 11 AM 12-U - 12 Noon 14-u 1:00 16-u 2:00 PLACE -...
  10. burlap1980

    Mizuno new line pics

    No please go into every scientific nerdy detail there is.
  11. burlap1980

    Couple Mizuno demos for sale...new and used

    Well crap late to the party as usual..... Lol
  12. burlap1980

    2020 Ghost...Due out June 10'ish

    Dont lie if it was straight fire you would ha e owned it. Lol. Here is a question DD plays ball in high school where they use ASA balls would the Gold Ghost hit those any different? With the compression of the balls being slightly different. ASA DUDLEY THUNDER HEAT .47 375LBS COMPRESSION...
  13. burlap1980

    where's everyone at?

    DD plays at Tyger River often.
  14. burlap1980

    Tfcc tear

    Results from our visit was: The tear is in the middle of the meniscus 4 more week in a soft cast the 2 weeks of therapy and a re visit possibly a steroid shot to help ease pain. Then continue to rehab and start playing activities if no better surgery may be the option
  15. burlap1980

    Tfcc tear

    Well my DD has been diagnosed with a bone bruise and a tear in her TFCC also said the ECU tendon was elasticy. Injury happened playing basketball just a freak accident in the last 20 secs of the game. She has been in a brace for the last 7 weeks has 4 to go then rehab and hopefully able to start...
  16. burlap1980

    Is it broken?

    Looks like it is to me personally
  17. burlap1980

    Batting gloves

    Spiderz Gloves
  18. burlap1980

    Batting gloves

    DD has a pair of Spiderz Batting Gloves. Have been fantastic. Gave them as a Christmas gift last year still doing well noticeable wear and tear. But Have lasted a Full HS schedule also a Full travel ball schedule which wraps up in a few weeks after a camp Hitting lessons every week. so like I...
  19. burlap1980

    Catchers helmet/added concussion protection

    Well I have decided over these past days reading this forum and this post it's time to move on from her current mask and invest in something that's a little more proactive in protecting her dome. Glad to see the game evolving some with this considering when I played football and caught for...
  20. burlap1980

    Catchers helmet/added concussion protection

    2 helmets I have found seem to be similar to what you have done with your DD's https://www.baseballbargains.com/collections/catchers-helmets/products/rawlings-two-tone-matte-catchers-helmet-chmach?variant=19720983085114...

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