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    U.S.A./USSSA age chart changes

    I read through the rest of the thread and reviewed the chart and can't conclude anything other than this basic summarization. This will affect almost no one.
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    That is not me
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    Twitter etiquette

    And then when she posts videos from her hitting lessons, we thought she should probably tag the pitchers in her HS conference and ask them how much sleep they're getting these days? You know, to show how much she cares about their well-being. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Twitter etiquette

    When my daughter posts HR videos on her Twitter, is it bad form to tag the pitcher she hit the HR off?
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    players looking for a team and stats included

    Moreso than travel stats at least
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    Facebook post re EC Bullets / Schnute

    But has the baby been ranked in the top 100 prospects of the class of 2041 yet???
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    Facebook post re EC Bullets / Schnute

    I know a lot of teams in the south are very religious. I always dread going south to play because the teams always try to make our girls pray with them after the games.
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    You know him?
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    What's the timing mechanism? I've got one daughter who has always been the fastest player on every team she's ever been on (club sports, school sports, track team). She can't break 3 seconds on a laser timer.
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    Twitter blowing up about 7th grade rankings

    All it takes is a credit card!
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    Average exit velocity by age

    The link says "bat speed" not "exit velo". Thinking those are not the same. It is interest to compare how many sub-2.9s 20yd dashes to how many girls post they are 2.6-2.7.
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    A Hint of Blue

    shots fired!
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    Pitching replant (crow hop)

    Definitely eyes
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    Travel ball high school balance

    My daughter, who plays in college, was having softball withdrawals her freshman year of college because of the huge reduction in overall softball activity. Granted, she plays D3. But she was used to playing every weekend in the fall, and then only got to play 1 day in the fall because of the...
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    Pitching replant (crow hop)

    I agree, without video the only other way to detect it is to be there in person.
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    Pitching replant (crow hop)

    I'm sorry you think that. But I also see that you acknowledge a second push, but feel that it is not "significant." Let me check my rulebook as to the importance of the "significance" of the second push. The fact of the matter is that when the back knee is flexed and points anywhere behind...
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    Pitching replant (crow hop)

    It's not so much of where does he want it to be, as much as he doesn't think the pitcher should be allowed a 2nd push 3 feet in front of the rubber. If her body is in that position, the only way she's legal is if that trail foot is in contact with the rubber.
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    Pitching replant (crow hop)

    More like beaten down and broken. I sit where you sit to keep my sanity.

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