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  1. Drakemir

    Your top 3 gloves for MI

    Lol, I just like watching the back and forth. And Annasdad with his OGD (obsessive glove disorder ;p)
  2. Drakemir

    young smaller hands Catchers mitt

    I might know a guy that has one that is already decently broke in also ;)
  3. Drakemir

    Power Carbon for smaller girl

    Yes. My DD just switched from her LXT to one. The Titanium is like the Xeno (end loaded, smaller sweet spot) PC is balanced and has a huge SS.
  4. Drakemir

    Closed web for pitcher?

    If you wanted another Vinci, let me know - I have a ton in stock currently - :) Dave
  5. Drakemir

    ANNOUNCEMENT: New owner for DiscussFastpitch.com

    Can we look at the 100 message limit that combines sent/received? asking for a friend :) And welcome, glad you want to breath some more life into it - the software is in dire need of an upgrade. D-
  6. Drakemir

    ANNOUNCEMENT: New owner for DiscussFastpitch.com

    It wasn't the adds themselves, but they were hijacked - so whatever add source he was using was getting injected with malware.
  7. Drakemir

    New Glove for me, not DD

    You can also save a bunch of $$ and just go with a RV1961-L lol... :P
  8. Drakemir

    First aid and injury protocols on travel teams?

    In our rec league , all coaches are issued a basic first aid kit and a hand full of ice packs. If they use any of the items they can replenish them from a larger kit located in the concession stand of the main fields. We however, do not do basic first aid training, which I think I'm going to...
  9. Drakemir

    Just a few gloves.....

    Spring season coming up...:rolleyes: From Left to right, top to bottom - JCV34 - RCV1250(Steerhide) - Custom 12.5" Optimus - Custom 12" Optimus - BV1929-L (Black + B&W) RV1961-L (Black + B&W) - JBV-SB - JCV-VM (33") - RCV125 In case people want to know what gloves are what...
  10. Drakemir

    Glove recommendation - 3rd and outfield

    What size glove does she currently use? A lot of upper end gloves go away from the velcro straps - Most the Vinci gloves I sell have the open back - on Vinci gloves we can adjust it down a size so it is much more snug on the wrist, without velcro. This is my DD in her old glove, at 12yo with...
  11. Drakemir

    1st Base Glove

    nooooooo....... I missed my chance ;) I have a LHT JBV-SB (1st base mitt) that I have been looking to move for a while now, just never run into LHT throwing first basemen anymore. Would have gave you a sweet deal on it tooo..damn holiday travels and not around a computer... haha And just to...
  12. Drakemir

    Black Friday Deals?

    my prices are like black friday prices ;)
  13. Drakemir

    Paging Fort83

    Wouldnt be surprised as that one is a LHT that it has the laces from back when they had them in them - I havnt checked my new batch to see if the new ones have it "again"
  14. Drakemir

    Very cool day today!

    Awesome! Great job to them, and awesome recognition..
  15. Drakemir

    anybody know or try 2019 Mizuno Power Carbon -10 Fastpitch

    My daughter swung one last night at her lesson - seemed to have good pop though she hates change and I couldn't pay her to actually switch bats currently, regardless of how good a bat is.
  16. Drakemir

    12u defence

    Assuming the ball was hit hard to LF and the runner is slow this is what would happen with us - Pitcher is going to back up home 1st Base is coming to the circle. Throw comes into cut at the circle - 1b can cut to 2b to get the runner there - or let the throw go home if there is a play - If...
  17. Drakemir

    Best Glove Break-in Services?

    Because girls can't close Vinci's for the first 3 weeks of using them lol..
  18. Drakemir

    Best Glove Break-in Services?

    Yep, Unfortunately our "factory" break in is not much :/ but it does help some..

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