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    So, tell me your theories on stealing.

    Let's say for 14U and up. Your lead off batter, who is really fast gets on first base her first time up. Are you sending her every time? Straight steal of 3rd? Is that even a thing without your batter committing interference which you hope goes uncalled? Tell me your theories on stealing. You...
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    Three pitch inning.

    This happened in early May. I might not have believed it if I hadn't seen it. It's kind of amusing. Not that she does anything remarkable, but DD is the SS. Her team also made a triple play which you'd think combined with the above that they might have won the game, but no, they got roughed...
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    Dropped 3rd, catcher hits runner.

    So, I saw this in the game adjacent to the field my DDs were playing on - dropped 3rd strike, catcher picks up the ball, throws and hit the runner, who is in fair territory, in the legs. Ball bounces back towards catcher and as runner reaches first the field umpire calls her safe. The home plate...
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    The great thing about all turf fields is the kids can play even if it’s raining.

    The bad thing about all turf fields is the parents have to be out in the rain to watch.
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    Is there any place in the game for beaning a batter?

    In select ball, is it acceptable to intentionally hit a batter their next bat after they hit a home run? Is it just "part of the game" or is it bush league? Have you ever seen it happen? Was it Snohomish Shocking or just commonplace?
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    When was the first time you ever saw fastpitch?

    For me it was while visiting my grandmother in Peterson, MN (pop 188) in the late '70s or early '80s. Behind the high school one night they had a bunch of men's games featuring teams sponsored by such and such lumber company and so and so's agricultural supply etc. I remember it seeming really...
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    Absolute Joke

    Yesterday on Facebook I saw a post from one of the local travel clubs I follow congratulating one of their players for accepting an offer to play at a DIII school. The funny thing is, the girl they were congratulating played for a different organization from 10U all the way through 2nd year...
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    How tall are pitchers?

    I saw some chatter here last week about most pitchers in college ball being 5'11" to 6' tall, so I took a look at the rosters of the teams ranked 1-9 in DI and of Oregon, which was ranked #11 (#10 Kentucky did not list player heights). Here's what I saw: * Of the 49 players listed as...
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    Does this smell funny?

    Online bio of a coach for a local select team: About Coach ABC ABC was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and moved up here to Washington just 5 years ago. ABC started playing softball at the age of 5. She built a hard work ethic and passion for the sport very early on which led her to high...
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    How important are stats?

    I was talking to a coach last night about playing time and batting order etc and he told me he never looks at stats. He told me you have to go by your eye because stats lie. I believe stats can be deceptive, if you have a small sample size, but that direct observation or "eyeballing" is...
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    Hello Elbow dad cut loose by college star.

    I'm not posting this in the pitching forum, because it's just a mildly amusing story, not anything technical about pitching. One of the nation's top collegiate pitchers gives lessons in the facility our organization uses. She works with a few kids from outside our organization to fill her...
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    Frustrated with DD's first year 14U team

    Last night head coach wasn't at practice so it was just me and the other AC. To start practice the other AC told the team to go outside and run two laps around the facility as a team and to stick together. A few minutes later 3 of the girls come back. When we asked where the other girls were...
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    What is the average player turnover for a softball organization?

    Our organization has 6-7 teams a year 10U - 18U and one of the board members is alarmed 30% of our girls from last year are not coming back due to either cuts, leaving for other teams or just quitting the sport. This does not include girls that aged out. It does seem high to me, but I don't have...
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    Back Pedaling - Is this a rule?

    At a tournament yesterday DD hit a deep shot to center that hit the ground just short of the 210ft fence. DD had an easy double, but got greedy and tried to take 3. The ball from the outfield beats arrives at 3rd way before she does and the third baseman reaches out to tag DD as she approaches...
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    Indoor Practice Facilities

    Those of you in warmer climes don't have to worry about this so much, but the rest of us need to move indoors around this time of year. This is one of two of the indoor facilities our organization uses. It's an old airplane hangar from when the site was used to train pilots for WWII. It's not...
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    DD's new team won their first tournament - until they didn't

    DD1 played a small fall ball tournament this weekend and her team made it to the championship game this weekend. They were the visiting team and had a small lead the whole game. After a number of innings after their at bat the umpire announces time has expired and it will be the home team's last...
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    Is this any of the coach's business?

    Got an email from my DD's coach from last season the day before tryouts part of which read as follows: "I am asking any family who is weighing other team options to contact me before our tryout tomorrow. As I work to establish a roster of twelve (12) it will be important to know who is...
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    Coaches, tell me how you handle pool play.

    The coach of my DD's 12U B team plays his starting 1st baseman and SS every inning of every of every pool game. Sometime the 3rd baseman also if she doesn't pitch Saturday. 2nd base sees a little variation, but only between two girls, one who is a very good middle infielder and the other is the...
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    Angelo St joins the Big 12

    I was struck by a comment I saw not too long ago that claimed any DII school would finish last if they played in the Big 12. So, being that I had quite a bit of time on my hands and that I have a fascination with computer modeling and simulations, I used the Massey Ratings site to match up a top...
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    Psycho Parent qu'est-ce que?

    Last Saturday I had a really disturbing parent encounter. We were at my youngest DD's last tournament of the season (12U). I'm a coach on the team and during warmups I point out to one of the girls that she is pulling her head on each swing. Her first at bat of the game, first swing she pulls...