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  1. jarvis

    Best website to order from

    Has anyone ordered from this website they have the No Errors E2 Catchers Bag for 239.99 and free shipping. The No Errors website has it for 269.99 plus 37.00$ for shipping.
  2. jarvis

    High Level Throwing

    Has anyone used the remote training from High level throwing by Austin Wasserman. I was wondering if it was worth the money.
  3. jarvis

    Daughter wanting to change teams

    Just thought I would give a update. She did switch teams and glad she did. The new coach really push's her to perform better. We played our first tournament with them about a week ago she got a grand slam her first at bat. Done really well at catching the new pitchers.
  4. jarvis

    Strangest thing an Umpire has said to you?

    Not really what was said but what he was wearing. This was a 10u tournament last season.
  5. jarvis

    Daughter wanting to change teams

    She is not moving to 14u till next season the team is moving to is still a 12u team just a B level. she has caught 50+mph. We have been to a couple of practices with the new team and she is doing pretty good with them.
  6. jarvis

    Daughter wanting to change teams

    Playing time was one of the main question I asked I was told she will be the main catcher and he has 1 back up catcher. As for her size she right at 5'5" and about 140 pounds so I am not to worried about the size. I guess I was just looking for a little reassurance that I was doing the right...
  7. jarvis

    Daughter wanting to change teams

    I have a 2010 Daughter playing on a 2010 12C team she is there number 1 catcher. Her current team is having trouble with a few girls quitting, and having trouble finding new ones. I had a Coach of a 2009 team reach out to me about my daughter trying out for his team, she did and he ask her to...