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    14u dd’s swing

    Hey guys DD took some swings today and video taped herself.. looking for a few pointers.. she does hit for pretty good power..
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    Looking for some Hitting Practices ideas

    Hey guys, I am holding some hitting practices for a 12u team.. I have an hour with these girls, so just getting an idea of what stations would be best. I have some in mind but just getting some different ideas. I do want to include me pitching to the girls and at least giving them a bucket...
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    Question about a pickle play

    Hey guys.. so we had a girl round third tonight and ended up in a pickle.. catcher threw it to third and retreated to cover home again.. our runner went back towards home.. the catcher straddled the baseline about 5 feet up from home.. caught the ball and tagged the runner getting her out...
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    thoughts on 10U swing.

    hey guys.. what do you think of this 10U swing.. she is hitting the ball really well, so we really don't want to mess with it that much.. if you have some pointers that we can work on that would be appreciated.. she is an aggressive hitter so she looks to hit whatever she can...
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    Shoulder pain from IR???

    So I have been helping a girl with pitching teaching her IR and going through boardmembers steps and working through the same steps I worked with my dd since she was 8-9.. All of a sudden her shoulder hurt so they take her to the doctor and a "college" coach both say the twisting of the arm and...
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    Lisa Fernandez clinics

    hey guys I was just wondering if anyone has gone to any of Lisa Fernandez's clinics and what type of experience it was. There is one going on in our area and wondered if anyone else has been to these. thanks http://beaverdamll.us/assets/documents/FernandezBrochure.pdf
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    changeup a little to fast

    hey guys question for you. My dd throws a horseshoe change, but lately she has been throwing it a little to fast. I think she just has some extra whip on it and doesnt stop her arm and pop it out. i try to remind her to hold it tight and in the palm of her hand. When she does throw it, it...
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    holding 10U tryouts this weekend

    Hey guys I am holding a tryout for our 10U travel ball team this weekend and even though I held a tryout before, I am still looking for some interesting ideas or different types of drills that you guys may have used or seen during some tryouts. We usually do the following: Stretch and warmup...
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    Any tips for my daughter?

    Any tips on my dd's swing? Hey guys.. have any tips for my dd? She is 9 1 / 2. . YouTube
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    1st real 10 U tournament this weekend already an issue??

    So we are playing in our first 10u tournament this weeekend. Got done with the games for today and heading back tomorrow. Thing is in pool play they have to bat everyone and now that we are in bracket play the head coach only has to bat 9. My dd is probably going to be one of the ones not...
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    banner ideas

    Since this forum has great ideas all around, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on a team banner photo.. we have a 10u team.
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    I give up..

    So last summer I started to teach a girl on our team to pitch without the hello elbow style, and it started going alright, but then she changed her mind and really didn't want to pitch anymore. I understood and no hard feelings.. come this winter, she now wants to pitch again, but instead of...
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    Fun indoor practice ideas?

    Hey guys.. it's starting to be a long winter here in WI... I think the girls would like a change of pace in practice. .. do any of you guys have any ideas for some fun drills to do indoors?? Our team is 10U.
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    Thinking about having my quit for a while...

    So here is the situation. . My daughter 10u says she loves to "play" softball, but I think she likes having the cool bag, uniform, etc, but she seems to not to put forth the effort.. we want to make sure she really likes to play, and we compliment her when doing good, but we shouldn't have to...
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    how do you start the fire?

    Hey guys Looking for your guys opinion here. My daughter loves playing softball and I really do think she does, but at times she lacks that drive and effort. She is only 9 so the attention span plays a role in it, but what have you guys done to help set the fire in the girls hearts, or is...
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    9 year old

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FI3vmPsyRE&feature=youtube_gdata_player Hey guys, This is my 8 / 9 yr old dd (bday tomorrow).. I was just wondering how you guys think she is coming along.. Any encouragement / tips would be appreciated.. I wish we could have more room to practice, but being...
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    yet another Hello Elbow story

    So my daughter is 8 years old, turning 9 this November. When she started pitching at the very beginning, she was taught Hello elbow style, and as soon as I came across this board and started researching a little bit, I immediately changed her from a more whipping style / I/R release. She just...
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    Some throwing tips

    Hey guys. I was wondering if you could give my daughter a few tips with her throwing. I am sorry the video is sideways. :) I think she is starting to lean to far forward when she throwing, causing her to loose some power. We are using a baseball in the video. thanks guys YouTube
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    Bullet spin

    I was looking at my daughter’s bullet spin and I see that it comes out of her hand as if she were twisting the ball between her thumb and index finger Anything pointers on what I could try to fix it? Gripping the ball different? I have been having her just hold the ball and roll it off her...
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    8 year old looking for "simple" drills and tips

    Hey guys my 8 year old daughter wanted to learn how to pitch, so we have been working on it for a few weeks and here is where we are at at the moment. I am just looking for some advice and drills to work on with her. Right now we are trying to keep it fun and simple. thanks guys!! IMG_0084...

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