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Thread: Arizona F4 wearing a mask

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    Default Arizona F4 wearing a mask

    I just watched the replay of the Arizona vs. UCLA game and noticed 2B for Arizona was wearing a facemask. Does anyone know if she has always worn it? Is she protecting an injury? I have seen a lot of 3B and even some 1B who wear a mask, but this is the first 2B I recall seeing with a mask in college.

    BTW - it was a great game and you should watch the replay if you have a chance. A lot of offensive fireworks at the end.
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    That was Reyna Carranco at 2B. She was hit by pitch in the face vs. Washington and is still recovering.

    And yes, it was a great game. My DD and I were pulling for AZ though!

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    There is a Baylor playing wearing a mask at 2B but it is from an earlier injury prior to the season starting I’m told. Baylor as has a pitcher that wears a mask. I was told just three years ago that Glenn Moore would not recruit a player with a mask. (Hearsay from inside the locker room so take it with a grain of salt.)
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    There was an NFCA poll done a few years ago where several coaches agreed with that philosophy, but wanted to remain anonymous so as not to affect recruiting. Sounds like BS to me! If a coach won't recruit a player who uses a mask, just come out and say so and stop wasting everyone's time (including your own!)

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