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Thread: College Transfers

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    Jason White OU 6 years
    Well, after further review you are right. If you start off as a redshirt freshman and get hurt same season and you hurt in another season as well you can qualify. So 6 years but you are actually using medical for both. Ed Davis 6 years, freshman year was a redshirt and switched to medical that same season
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    If you have a specific situation call the NCAA Legislative Team - very nice and very helpful. Unfortunately had to call a couple times last year - but it was worth it!

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    Really is going to be on the current school coach/administration if they want to play nice.

    Just make sure you follow the rules and don't get others in trouble either for not following rules...should be a NCAA compliance person in athletic dept that can help

    Obviously if you have burned bridges with current coach you are pretty much going to have a tough go of it...but if it is a legit reason they might be nice, although sometimes the AD just has a standing NO policy.

    good friend of mines kid was stuck like this basically after redshirting a year and two year on the team was told he was never going to see significant playing time...so he sought a transfer and got it but his current coach still would not grant him a waiver...basically nothing he could do but suck it up and sit out a year
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    Quote Originally Posted by Easton33 View Post
    And technically there are 6 years to complete 4 years of eligibility if using a medical redshirt along with a redshirt.
    Just for clarification, a medical redshirt has to be applied for and granted by the NCAA and is not guaranteed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAD View Post
    Just for clarification, a medical redshirt has to be applied for and granted by the NCAA and is not guaranteed.
    True, it's the Hardship Waiver. The requirements are well documented and I expect deserving applications are granted. Biggest need is contemporaneous medical documentation about the injury and it preventing them from playing. IOW, you can't use after-the-fact documentation about an injury preventing them from playing.

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