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Thread: Showcase Advice for Coaches

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    Quote Originally Posted by riseball View Post
    It is 95% with high humidity. You were on the field 10 minutes ago and now you need to get loose? Is this 18U or a pick-up game at the retirement home?
    I thought the logic of getting the game moving along made sense until I heard more and more coaches comment about the seriousness to watch warmups as that may be the only opportunity to see the position player perform as there is no guarantee a ball gets him to them during the game, and they have to look a multiple players throughout the day.

    The only player guaranteed to be active during the inning is the pitcher and to a lesser extent the catcher.

    I have seen multiple occasions of coaches measuring "pop" times on catchers in between innings so a catcher should take that throw very seriously and not lob it down to 2nd.

    ...so while I was supportive of moving the game along, there is a great deal of importance for each fielder to take 2-3 balls even in high humidity.

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    I'm not saying a kid needs to get loose at all. I'm saying if you aren't warming up between innings, or taking it seriously, you are missing out on opportunities for college coaches to see you and evaluate you, especially if the college coach is just strolling by.

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