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    Dropped 3rd Strike and Base Path

    So the real question is, does the batter runner physically need to be between home and first for this rule to apply? In this case since they were a right handed batter and retreated they never crossed home and were never physically between home and 1st. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dropped 3rd Strike and Base Path

    ASA RULES: Runner on 3rd, 1 out, 2strikes. Offense is in the 1st base dugout. Right handed batter swung at a pitch in the dirt. Catcher blocked ball and proceeded to try to tag batter-Runner. Batter-runner retreats backwards out of the batters box in an attempt to avoid tag. She dodged the tag...
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    Action Pose

    Action Shot of Throw Down to 1st after a bunt
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    Catchers Mitt

    All, I have seen a lot of talk about the Vinci, Akademia, and Nokona mitts. Does anyone have any experience with the Wilson A2000 FPCM SS mitt or the Wilson Onyx CM mitt? My daughter is a 11 year old catcher, who is on the smaller side for her age. I have already purchased and began breaking...
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    Cool Catcher

    76LTAz.... Curious about your DD's opinion on the Cool Catcher. I have also seen this but been skeptical about whether my DD would even wear it.

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