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  • Glad things are ok. Haboob, what a word. :cool:

    We played in Normal, IL this weekend it was up around 90° and the 10s started to whine a bit. I said look, it hot, get use to it. It is softball weather. I don't think they bought it. :eek:
    Here is the term for dust storm - "haboob is a much more exotic word than sandstorm, the term became ...

    (I don't believe we had any haboobs, when I was growing up in Shelbyville.)
    I saw that, too. We didn't get hit that bad. The winds were terrific moving across the back yard. I guess that they reached 55 mph.

    I was asking someone at practice this AM, what that dust storm was called and they couldn't remember, either. I thought the news called it a Hoofoo or something strange.

    When we moved here, Caitlin was playing one of her first ball games in PHX and something that looked like a small tornado full of dust moved across the field. I said "What was that?" And they said "A dust devil." Oh, well we don't have those in IL. That was the same weekend i found out that the Mormons on the team, don't play on Sunday. :)
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