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    Help! Do I say anything or not? (long read sorry but needed)

    I think you could talk to her about some stuff you've seen on coaching videos, or maybe go to a clinic or two and bring that back with you. Ask her if she's concerned about the lack of TB players, and then try to come up with a strategy to recruit more of them. The best way to change a...
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    How do you decide?

    To the OP, just leave. Breaking through on an established team is hard to do, and if the coach isn't willing to rotate through pool play, then he's not willing to rotate on pool play. There's not a lot you can do about it, and they'll always have reasons. They might even be true. But if you and...
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    How long should it take?~

    It's been six years. We'll let you know when we get there. :)
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    High School coach

    I don’t think anyone has suggested they shouldn't play to win, only that winning shouldn‘t be the top or only priority. The point of youth sports is to build character and help kids mature. To help them sees reward for effort, to feel the thrill of success and the pain of failure. To learn to...
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    Needs to put in the work!!

    That might be the best round of advice I've ever read on this or any other message board. (except maybe for the person who first explained Disney FastPasses). Thanks from all of us. Really great work.
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    What rules if any govern excessive hit by pitches?

    You think it’s okay for a pitcher with no control to continually hit other players with the ball? 50 mph from 43 feet away? What other recourse would an ump have than stop the game? And should a coach, seeing the opposing pitcher keep hitting his players, keep sending them out?
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    High School coach

    That's an interesting point. How do you judge who is better on a softball field. Sometimes it's easy -- one player makes errors, the other doesn't. One player his .350, the other .200. But in lot of cases it comes down to the eye test, and the eye test of who happens to be watching or judging...
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    High School coach

    How'd the coach handle the other girls on the team? or did they all just ride your DDs' coattails. hard to lose too many when you strike out 14 and hit .450. You actually made my point for me. Because while your daughters were studs, not everyone else on the team was. And yet the coach had to...
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    Illegal pitch. Do you still get the base? USSSA/USA/HS

    In truth, though, it was a bad rule. You need two umps to really call it, and most girls don't have two ump games until 12 or 14. By then, a lot of pitching styles are ingrained. Girls can try and do get out of it, but the advanced base by runners was too harsh a penalty for the call. And it's...
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    High School coach

    Here, hold my beer. Seriously, high school coaches are just high school coaches. Some are great and really want to develop their players. Others just want to reward the kids they've known a long time. They might know a lot; they might know next to nothing. One thing I have learned in DD's high...
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    Must Ask Questions During Recruiting

    Boy, is that the big one. Aside from that, I'd asked about housing, about travel, about cost of attending. And then about networking, support after graduation or eligibility. Graduation rates and majors among the players -- not great to have a whole team of social science majors, because that...
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    What rules if any govern excessive hit by pitches?

    Our HS league says everyone wears masks. Not the COVID ones, but protective masks. Our club coach requires the same. The HBP issue isn't as much a rules question as a safety one. An ump has a responsibility to keep players safe, and it's not reasonable to allow a pitcher to continually hit...
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    Thoughts on How a player should decide which position would suit her best?

    I think the concern here is you're 16. You've only got two or three seasons of comp ball left, so while it's a good thing to learn everything, you're going to need to focus on something specific to make a team or get a lot of playing time. That's why you're smart to focus on a position and to do...
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    Staying down in fall

    Rules are what rules are. I think with the truncated spring/summer season, coaches are trying to let the girls have as much fun and success as they can in the fall. After taking their lumps as first-years, they probably feel like they earned the right to have a season as second-years before...
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    Thoughts on How a player should decide which position would suit her best?

    Why are you dismissing OF? If it's a speed thing you can counter that by learning how to track balls. If you're thinking first, then you've got to be the best hitter on the team, the kind of players a coach can't afford not to have in the lineup. So concentrate on that. Do everything you can...

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