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    POLL~ my daughter doesn't like a couple players on the team

    It could be the same there and then what? Keep changing teams? Like many have said, it all depends on why she doesn't care for them.
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    A message to coaches from a pitching instructor.

    I totally agree with this. Ask the parents or the pitcher what they are working on and what is her best pitch. Because when she starts to struggle during the game and she will, who does she turn to?
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    A message to coaches from a pitching instructor.

    I agree. It's funny how that works. How many head coaches in football will contact and outside coach about the quarterback or basketball about their shooting form? Why in the world should a head coach have to contact anyone at all? It's their team.
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    How exactly does committing/signing work

    why can't you believe it?
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    You must don't know the original price.
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    I just received an email from gamechanger. The annual price for the premium subscription has increased $30. This is ridiculous. Has else gotten this email?
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    Softball Crisis in 2025?

    Thanks for the feedback. It just seems unusual to me because of the portal but I get it. As for the other route. Going the other way is crazy I always thought that was a bad idea for kids anyway, but who am I.
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    Softball Crisis in 2025?

    Maybe someone can answer this question for me. I have heard the commentators mention that a few players left high school early to play in college. Is this the new thing? What's the benefit especially if you are not getting a full ride?
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    PGF vs Alliance (provocative but sincere questions)

    I agree totally. I'm glad our coaches decided not too.
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    Freshman Swing

    Is there a separate app that you use to put do this together?
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    Facebook post re EC Bullets / Schnute

    boy did this go off topic
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    Facebook post re EC Bullets / Schnute

    Everyone has a different take on how to raise a child. If the child grows up to be a well-mannered productive individual, then what was the problem?
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    Facebook post re EC Bullets / Schnute

    Just like we don't know the full story about the coach. You don't know the full story on how this child will be raised. If it works for their family, it should not bother you one bit. Unless you know something, we don't?

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