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Recent content by tomorrow

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    Michael Jordan's Ten Rules for Success

    After watching Vidoes on Kobes life views, I am struck at how much they were like MJ's.
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    My 12U DD missing away

    These are good questions
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    Hips open or closed?

    This is a great clip. I had not seen it yet. Thanks for the bump
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    The inside pitch

    Bump in the same boat. Does anyone have additional ideas or comments on how to get over mental block for pitching inside? 1st year 12u.
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    What size softball for 8u?

    11inch but they are extra squishy/bouncy for the local league.
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    Coaches - Allow Players to pickup?

    I have found when choosing a team to ask about the pick up policy as it is a great way find out the mind set of the coach.
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    8U vs 10U

    In most cases I would suggest staying at 8u. The game is just more fun.
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    New 10U team - talk me off the ledge

    I really dislike 10u. The pitcher can not find a strike or the hitter does not swing.
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    I remember respecting Jessica Mendoza

    What are they going to do to fix the problem?
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    Pitches are drifting away from the batter

    Does anyone Teach looking away from the catcher? If so why would you?
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    Pitches are drifting away from the batter

    They are focusing on something. A spot on the ground like bowling?
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    Pitches are drifting away from the batter

    Sorry to go off topic but why Does she look at the ground for most of this Clip? Shouldnt the Eyes be on the Catcher?
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    A new spin tool I created

    I do not have the experience to tell anyone if a teaching aid like this one is going to solve there throwing issues either over hand or pitching but I can say for both me and my daughter it has put a bigger priority to paying more attention to the spin axis and the release of the ball. The...
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    Wrist Snap! Young Cat!

    Cat appears to be looking at the ground and not at the catcher in both of those pics.

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