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    When the unthinkable happens

    DD was hit in the head with a line drive while huddled up to go in the gate to play. The other team had a doctor present and checked her. She was OK to play. First pitch she was hit in the knee. The second at bat the first pitch hit her in the head. We sat her for the rest of the day. Walking to...
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    Smoking Marucci deal!

    The padding is excellent according to my DD.
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    Smoking Marucci deal!

    DD has the 12 inch pitchers Cypress glove. Awesome glove but a real beast to break in. Some people would say still not broke in after about a year.
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    Bat drag

    Walking away from hands- when I say loosing compression, I'm talking about hands moving away from the body. If you scap load and hands come in a little from the loading, not pulling them in you keep compression. Thoughts?
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    someone pulled a bat exchange on DD

    I'm 5.6 and stupid.
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    FOR PARENTS: Knowing when to invest for your kid

    I have been sitting in Chick-fila lines for about an hour every Saturday since Covid. Now that is investing to me. I beg her to go somewhere else. Love the place but it's crazy at the moment.
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    someone pulled a bat exchange on DD

    TB baseball game and on the last play the coaches got into it. My son singled and the runner on 1st was called out going to 3rd. My sons bat was at home plate and the other team picked it up. Coaches and parents were going crazy (not me this time). I knew one dad on the other team and he saw me...
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    Bat drag

    If you lose compression with the front armpit, I don’t think you can get the correct contractions that you mentioned? Also, if you arm-bar the you must lose the hips to get the bat over the plate, correct? Chicken or egg
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    Bat drag

    IMO. If you compress the armpit until the hands and elbows go the bicep will look like its across the pectoral. If the armpit stays compressed and you get a scap load you will not bar much if any.
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    Bat drag

    May have been mentioned but years ago we talked about the front armpit being compressed. I feel this helps you stay connected until you release the hands and elbows. Thoughts
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    Glove recommendation 14 yo 3rd baseman/pitcher

    Marucci 12 inch Cypress series. Saw it somewhere for $129. Paid $300 for hers. DD plays 2nd and pitches in TB. Pitches, 3rd, and SS in MS. I love the glove but it is a beast to break in. Maybe a little on the small side.
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    Hitting Really Fast Pitchers

    I call it a cardboard box and show them the rectangle with my hands. LOL. I occasionally say a phone booth and they look at me like I"M crazy. Then hold up my cell phone and tell them to stay inside of it.
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    6 finger ambidextrous glove according to a friend. I’m not sure if he is guessing. Lol
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    I’ll ask. They do for baseball
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    How long should it take?~

    Did this a lot when I coached baseball. This inning throw your change up the first pitch every at bat.

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