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    Sprinter Stance Style Pitcher

    Thanks this helped allot.
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    Sprinter Stance Style Pitcher

    My daughter is new to pitching. Our Ace was injured and will be out for 6 months. That leaves the team with 2 pitchers so we are working my daughter to fulfill the 3rd role (14U pure 8th team) In Track she is a sprinter so the pitching coach introduced her to a Sprinter Style Stance (that is...
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    CFX Slapper Bat

    Has any of your daughters used this bat? How does it compare to the CX9 Slappers? I can't find private reviews on the bat.
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    Shortage of Players

    We are in the North Dallas area. We have reach out to two other teams with 6 or less players waiting on thier reply. We have 7 girls that been together a few years.
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    Shortage of Players

    Is it only my area. Moving to the 14U in January it's seems there are very very limited girls. It seems every team is short and there is a heavy reliance on guess players. It seems to be a crazy drop in players moving from 12U to 14U.
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    Purchasing Helmets Recommendations

    Thanks for the reply. So removable pads is out. I will check out Evoshield and Boombah thanks
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    Purchasing Helmets Recommendations

    We are purchasing team helmets for a 14U team. We are looking at the Easton Ghost Softball Batting Helmet, but we can't tell if the pads are removable. (We would like removeable pads) We are looking for a solid helmet with a faceguard. Safety is our number 1 goal. If you have any...
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    Covering bunts

    We have a left handed 1st baseman. on bunts down the 1st baseline we has her coming down with 2nd covering 1st. Because she is a lefty she has to make an extra turn to throw. How do you guys cover bunts and slaps down 1st when your 1st baseman is a lefty.
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    Moving up to 12u

    When our girls played 12U that was the transition to outfield 10U all the talent was in the in field in 12U teams have to start putting talent in the outfield.....lose a lot of games without a functioning outfield.
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    Keep in mind there are more games televised today then there were last year or the year some of this could be more fan exposure to games.
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    I agree -- I watched Duke rock UNCG I think it was a pre-recorded game.....UNCG did not give up.....Duke had better players everywhere and crazy speed compared to UNCG.....
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    from the games I watched there was a big different in consistent every level pitching is hard to come by.....
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    Are there SPARQ Like Combines

    Are there SPARQ like Combines for softball? We are looking for something where our girls can go compete against other girls to get a feel for how they stack in overall skills.
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    Pitching Rule Question

    Ok that makes sense......... Thanks
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    Pitching Rule Question

    I think this question is aligned with a question I've been researching. Our girls played a team were the pitcher would pitch as soon as the girls got their second hand on the bat. It was bad the second our girls but their hands on the bat the ball was on the way. We started having our girls...

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