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Recent content by sydnishel

  1. sydnishel

    WTB 34/24 LXT

    I am looking for a good condition LXt 34/24 for my daughter. Let me know what you have.
  2. sydnishel

    Bat for 9 year old?

    Find a used 30/19 demarini cf series bat. Swings light and has good pop.
  3. sydnishel

    WTS Mizuno F20 Power Carbon 31/21

    So far so good. I basically took the demarini’s away so she doesn’t have much choice. We still have the latest CF 31/20 but I took it out of her bag. She is having to get used to the extra weight, but is swinging it fairly well. She just turned 12 and is 4’10” and about 105 lbs.
  4. sydnishel

    WTS Mizuno F20 Power Carbon 31/21

    My daughter kinda tried to like it but just didnt really give it a chance. She’s been demarini for the last 4 years and didn’t want to change. I bought it even though she didn’t want it. Exit speeds were as good or better but that still didn’t change her mind. She is a stubborn, head strong...
  5. sydnishel

    WTS Demarini CF Zen 31/20

    Asking $100
  6. sydnishel

    WTS Mizuno F20 Power Carbon 31/21

    Asking $100 Used for tee work and a little front toss
  7. sydnishel


    31/21 both ghosts
  8. sydnishel


    Here is a pic of the ghost adv 31/21 laying next to a demarini 31/20. Thanks core!
  9. sydnishel

    Bat for mushy balls?

    For my daughter, the mizuno power carbon got much higher exit speeds than a well broken in demarini on older beat up balls. They were close on exit speed with newer softballs. Mizuno still a little higher.
  10. sydnishel

    Player sunglasses

    Mine both have Oakley’s.
  11. sydnishel

    2020- Prism / PC / dual stamp ghost

    I asked my dd about the vibration on her her PC. She said no different than her cf zen.
  12. sydnishel

    Any 10u flame throwers at PGF Nationals this year?

    The speed was measured with a pocket radar. Not sure how accurate that is.
  13. sydnishel

    Any 10u flame throwers at PGF Nationals this year?

    Girl from Tennessee was clocked at 57.
  14. sydnishel

    Demarini Warranty - Always a Voucher?

    Call them. Same thing happened to me. I called and they made the change. I shipped the first one back and they shipped me the size I wanted. As soon as I shipped it, I emailed them the receipt for shipping and they shipped out the size I wanted. Fairly painless other than the long wait for...
  15. sydnishel

    Wide Width Molded Cleats

    Have you checked Ringor?

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