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  1. Sparky Guy


    That's what I do. I go on the field and check the boxes right away. I've seen the kids who do the fields draw the boxes backwards way too many times to trust them. If you have any slappers on your team it's a must.
  2. Sparky Guy

    Biggest transfer addition in the Mountain West

    I guess they didn't share the coach's vision about the future of the program and let their feet do their talking. It seems the players gave the new coach the fall season for a tryout period before they left.
  3. Sparky Guy

    RIP Ed Serdar

    That sums up a Shark player. The only time I ever saw my DD cry was her senior year in college. She pitched her team to the conference championship game and lost. She was physically drained and couldn't hold off a good hitting team.
  4. Sparky Guy

    RIP Ed Serdar

    Ed quit running the program a few years ago. Father time took it's toll on him, as it does with all of us. Another guy who was loved by his players was a guy named Jim Didi. He looked and sounded more like a character out of the Spranos rather than run a softball program. He was running the...
  5. Sparky Guy

    RIP Ed Serdar

    DD finished her travel ball playing for the Sparks. She and I coached a team for the Sparks for a few years. That was long before your DD was born. Another colorful character in the Chicago area softball world is Joe Tholl from the Sparks. You always know when he is on a field coaching a...
  6. Sparky Guy

    RIP Ed Serdar

    He used to post on a local message board using the name Wise Old Coach. That's where WOC came from.
  7. Sparky Guy

    RIP Ed Serdar

    My DD played for the Sharks for 4 years. Everything Sluggers said is true. There were a lot things Ed said you can't print here. One of his favorites was "We treat all our kids the same. Like $hit." Another of his favorites is my tag line when asked about parents over the years. Two of...
  8. Sparky Guy

    Coach missing at tournaments

    I worked with a team a few years back. I worked with them at practices and that was it. I wasn't paid. I wasn't running the team. The rest of it was up to the HC. But everyone knew it going into it. I know when I was a HC it usually cost me about $5K in lost work revenue to coach a team...
  9. Sparky Guy

    Drop dead time rule

    As long as there is a clock added to a sporting event there will be some type of clock management. It's talked about in football all the time. The longest half minute in the world is the last 30 seconds of a basketball game. Clock managemnt can be especially infuriating when it is applied...
  10. Sparky Guy

    Drop dead time rule

    Drop dead is ECATLY THAT. The game stops when time runs out. After that any other tournamnet rules are then addressed such as revert back or finish the inning.
  11. Sparky Guy

    I/R Coaching Instructions

  12. Sparky Guy

    Drop dead time rule

    Most of the tournaments now that have time limits are finish the inning. I know some of the really big tournaments will go with drop dead, revert to the last inning. Doing that helps ensure the pool play games are kept mostly on time. Pretty much every tournament that I ever signed up for...
  13. Sparky Guy

    Umps- What would you do?

    The first question that came to mind was why weren't the rules covered at the plate meeting? Unless it's a friendly, the ground and time limit rules have always been discussed at the plate meeting and lineup exchange.
  14. Sparky Guy

    Helping younger sister return to pitching post-broken leg/surgery.

    A spiral fracture is nothing to mess around with. She needs to see a sports ortho. Let them give her some type of time line to return with an authorized rehab program. You need to remember that a pitcher's legs take a massive pounding, much more than position players other than a catcher...
  15. Sparky Guy

    Best time to tell assistant you don’t need him anymore

    If all the kids have to tryout then I would tell him after tryouts are over. That way you gave is DD a look see and she didn't make the cut. Anything else is premeditated. Be sure he doesn't help with tryouts.

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