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  1. Sparky Guy

    Why are we playing on Friday?

    You need to understand something. The PGF does not own the tournaments. The decision to play on Friday mornings is coming from the Tournament Director. The PGF only owns the National and Regional tournaments. Anything else is only sanctioned by the PGF. I you have a complaint you need to...
  2. Sparky Guy

    Another rant

    Throw a ball up in the air and spin it. It does nothing. Most people do not understand the seams of the ball disrupt the airflow on a ball moving thru the air. Hence, "More involved" than just spin.
  3. Sparky Guy

    Another rant

    I always ask pitchers what make their pitches move. Without exception I always get the same answer. "The spin." They look at me like I have 3 heads when I tell them nope, it's more involved. Then I have them watch the video linked below so they have an understanding of what is happening...
  4. Sparky Guy

    When to let a new slapper .... Slap for the 1st time

    Over the years I've had several girls who switched to the left side. The very first thing I tell them and the parents is she will not be hitting from the right side again once they make the commitment. I also tell them it's a very long and frustrating process. Much like learning how to pitch...
  5. Sparky Guy

    Problems with a Former coach

    Over the years I've seen several players removed from teams. The majority of the time it was due to parental behavior. From what you describe it sounds like this mother will be a cancer in the stands. What you need to do is have a sit down with her and let her know it would probably be...
  6. Sparky Guy

    Did I do the right thing? (leaving a team)

    As a coach you can never dictate to a team who they like or don't like on the team. No matter what the age. It's human nature and you'll never control it. What I do with everyone of my teams is to sit them all down and give them my "Demands" speech. It's very short and simple. I tell them...
  7. Sparky Guy

    who defines potential?

    Tell her SHE defines her potential. It's YOU who makes sure that she gives her BEST effort in the pursuit of finding her greatest potential. Tell her you NEVER want her to aks herself "What if?" in the future...
  8. Sparky Guy

    Do/Dont~ Coach is moving team...

    If the team is winning most of the games by a large margin and they are close to the stronger teams in losses. Move them up. If they are getting beat regularly, have a hard time hanging with average teams and if they get run-ruled by stronger teams. Keep them down and let them finish learning.
  9. Sparky Guy

    College freshman playing 18u

    With the Jan 1 cutoff and if your DD has an early birthday she can still be age eligible after playing her freshman season of college ball. My DD has an early February birthday. DD was 18 when she started her freshman season of college ball. When she was done with her freshman season, at 19...
  10. Sparky Guy

    Who's mistake?

    The coach for not teaching the catcher the correct way to get set to make a catch with two hands and how to apply a tag correctly.
  11. Sparky Guy

    Worst Non Softball Sport for Softball Players

    That's esy. Basketball. I've seen many softball players lose a softball season and more from a torn ACL suffered playing basketball.
  12. Sparky Guy

    illegal pitch called

    The ball is dead immediately when an illegal pitch is called. There can not be any plays once the ball is dead. Play is suspended.
  13. Sparky Guy

    Penta dazzles in her debut!

    Only the kids who are clocked by the special Grand Pa radar gun can pitch that fast...
  14. Sparky Guy

    Does illegal pitch mound visits count

    None of these visits or any subsquent "mound" visit would ever count. There is NO mound in softball. There is a circle though. The mount thing seems like it will never go away. :confused:
  15. Sparky Guy

    Helmet rules

    Yes they do. The manufacturers know some clown will put a softball helmet/facemask combination on a kid playing baseball. If a baseball got through the opening and hurts the kid the clown would be looking for a large payout. Even if there were large warnings all over the helmet about not...

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