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Recent content by Sparky Guy

  1. Sparky Guy

    Just wanted to say goodbye and thank you guys for everything!

    I'm curious, what makes you think you have to go??? My DD graduated college 11+ years ago. Just because she's moved on to the next phase of her softball career doesn't mean you're done. You've got a lot of experience with the game and you can share it with the parents just starting out...
  2. Sparky Guy

    USSSA Illinois

    I have to agree with you about there being any improvement. What the USSSA fails to realize is the pool of available umpires is only so big. All of the TD's and assignors pull from the same pool. USSSA trying to "Centralize" the process will only add another layer of confusion by introducing...
  3. Sparky Guy

    Names on Uniforms

    What I have seen a couple of times is girls wearing a bright neon colored tee shirt with their name an number on it. Hard to miss them on the field among all the other players.
  4. Sparky Guy

    Crazy injury - to the bucket dad!

    Broke the 5th metatarsal bone in my right foot walking down the hallway of my house. I forgot something in the kitchen. Stopped and turned around to go get it. Heard and felt a pop in my foot along with a lot of pain as I pivoted. Ended up wearing a boot for over 8 weeks. Still going to...
  5. Sparky Guy

    what do you all do with jerseys, t shirts, etc. from previous orgs

    The wife went through all of the DD's old jerseys from her playing days and had a quilt made out of them. Gave it to her when she graduated college since she was done playing ball. She still has it.
  6. Sparky Guy

    The "Slide" Trial

    It doesn't say it in the article, but I would bet the dad was a helicopter parent extraordinaire seeing how he was able to get into the HS dugout as a scorekeeper.
  7. Sparky Guy

    The "Slide" Trial

    As a coach reading something like this will really make you ask yourself if it's worth the risk. Slide Trial
  8. Sparky Guy


    Send me your email in a PM and I'll send you an Excel spread sheet I made for tracking team finances.
  9. Sparky Guy

    Small town ball, multiple sports all softball related

    What your DD is going through, unfortunately, is a common occurrence in small town schools. I really doubt your coaching has anything to do with it. The "coaches" see your DD as a threat to the kids in their inner circle. They will do what they can to keep those kids happy. As former...
  10. Sparky Guy

    Social Media and college recruiting

    This from a parent on another web site wo had two DD's go through the program. There is a lot of merit in the posting. I had two kids play DI. One who could of cared less about the sport and basically fell into a ride and one that played on a team in an era where you had your money at 14...
  11. Sparky Guy

    Loose / Whippy drills

    I tell the pitchers I work with to turn their glove hand inwards and point at their target with their little finger of their glove hand. It keeps the shoulder from turning out.
  12. Sparky Guy

    Military Move coming up. If you could put your DD in any state? Where would it be?

    You can't just "hook up" with the Beverly Bandits. Bill will come looking for his DD if she is talented enough and catches his eye. They only have tryouts for the 10U team. All the other teams Bill makes the roster changes at the end of each season to better the program as he sees fit. It's...
  13. Sparky Guy

    Crowding the plate

    Not anymore. Now the kids are wearing the oversized elbow guards and leaning into the inside pitches. Most of the time it's a free base.
  14. Sparky Guy

    Physics in the classroom

    The Mythbusters did a segment on the what makes a pitch move.
  15. Sparky Guy

    Crowding the plate

    I believe the NCAA changed to the rule to the entire foot must be inside the lines of the batters box at contact with the ball. I could be wrong.

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