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Recent content by softballphreak

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    Sitting on a bucket or stand for front toss

    What if you’re throwing from 43’? Would overhand be a big issue? Can’t throw in the 50’s underhand from 43’ but I can overhand. I believe the speed benefit outweighs the release point.
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    Dont just stand

    Crystl Bustos
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    AthletesGoLive thread for users to help each other and commiserate

    To help relieve some frustration at AGL I'm posting this while waiting for the AGL stream to return. But I'm pretty sure no one is going to be fiddling with a camera on a fence during a live game. This time, though, I plan to dispute the transaction on my credit card. AGL definitely not worth...
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    New member and question on Athletes Go Live streaming

    It has a prime time price but is not ready for prime time!! It's success depends a lot on how it is set up by the team's camera person. There must be good internet connection also. I bought a week subscription. Think it was around $10. Flaky at best.
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    Help with an absolutely brand new pitcher.

    "Teach yourself (learn) at the same time" will be so valuable for you, your DD, and most likely other girls in your journey!!!!!!!!
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    What do you think?

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    Video Camera for recording games and at bats?

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    RevFire 2 is available...for real..no joke...like today..now.

    Since the RevFire 2 Softball is sold out I was wondering if the RevFire Baseball would be useful for softball until more are available?
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    Coach trying to learn to pitch seeking advice

    I want to be the machine!
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    Coach trying to learn to pitch seeking advice

    I'm definitely going to be doing a LOT of self-analysis. I didn't really mean wrist flicks. I was trying to say wrist action. And I'm definitely going to be doing a lot of reading here. To save a little time do you know of any "must read" threads?
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    Coach trying to learn to pitch seeking advice

    I throw a lot from 20'. Mostly to work on outside opposite field hitting. But I don't believe it's very good for timing. Plus I can't get any movement type pitches to hit. Just threw my 2800th pitch today. I can see a big improvement and I've barely started.
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    Coach trying to learn to pitch seeking advice

    I have set a goal of being able to effectively pitch batting practice by the start of Feb 2018 HS season. I am well past retirement age. (I get immediate feedback if I try to muscle the ball.) I am a hitting instructor with 15+ years experience. I've also been pitching most HS seasons from...
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    Are too many making a mistake to play college softball?

    They do have more knowledge in certain areas. What they don't have is the experience (knowledge) that PTs have who have been practicing for years.
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    Are too many making a mistake to play college softball?

    The bottom line is support your DD in whatever she chooses. Be careful that her choice is for her goals; not necessarily the parents' goals. In the vast majority of cases I believe everything will work out for the best.
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    Are too many making a mistake to play college softball?

    Sometimes the work load/schedules do not allow. Dr. Larson is clearly an exception! Awesome accomplishments in many areas! One of the risks I have seen is some parents believing their kids are really into something when the kids are really just trying to please the parents. There is a thin...