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    Giving the ball back?

    As for the uniforms, some things ARE free, especially if your athletic department's football team is one of the best in the country and play all of their games for a national television audience. They have an athletic department-wide Nike contract. I don't work for OSU, so I can't speak to...
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    Giving the ball back?

    It is about the money. Ohio State Softball does not have nearly the funds you expect it to have just because it is a Big10 program or because it is in the same athletic department as the football team. A dozen balls cost Ohio State about $84 or $7.00/ball. Every NCAA Division I team in the...
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    are there any slapping coaches in Indianapolis

    I recommend contacting assistant coaches at UIndy, IUPUI, etc. and seeing if they give lessons once season ends. If not, they may be able to point you to one of their players or other instructors in the area.
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    Upgrade bucket dads catchers mitt, what to get?

    Louisville Valkyrie; either the VK204 or VK207 depending on size.
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    The Hitting Vault???

    The videos are through Youtube so are not downloadable unless you have a program on your computer to do that...which is easy enough. As for content, Dukhunt, I PMed you.
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    Looking for practice/warm up ideas

    What age and what level of competition?
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    Partial scholarship question for the board....

    Re: JAD A couple of DFP threads on recruiting made me wonder, if a player is verballed to a school for less than 100% scholarship (athletic + academic), is it acceptable for her to keep looking for a better offer? It's legal and it's within the bounds of NCAA regulations. But if we are...
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    What is the proper way to throw a softball?

    Be more specific in what you are asking. There is a lot that goes into throwing...
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    I'm not sure where I stand on this, yet, but I've seen it taught at high levels and thought it was worth throwing out there... Some teams, on a for sure base hit, will start their round immediately out of the box. On the swing and seeing the ball through (usually first step) they'll cut out to...
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    I'm going to respectfully disagree with JJS on the game being too fast above the 12U level for 1B to be a successful cut. In the situation the OP laid out, I think we're assuming there at least might be a play at the plate and therefore the CF is coming up throwing there. The 1Bman will have...
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    Very limited funds; question

    For equipment, I'd scour this forum and others like it, eBay, and craigslist. If you do attend college softball camps, they'll sometimes have a camp store where they're unloading gear that's a couple years old at a steep discount. Agree with Lobster on the travel team scholarships. Happens...
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    Is moving up to 18U a mistake?

    16U > 18U in the STL area. That said, STL can get watered down talent-wise by the sheer # of teams at the 16U and 18U level. So if the 18U teams are more well-recognized and play in stronger Midwest tournaments, then I'd stay there.
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    College coaches' advice to players, parents and coaches

    Staying off Twitter is the wrong approach, in my opinion. They need to be active in social media, and they have to be educated that everything they post is building a brand. Social media is an excellent way for young student-athletes to passively and actively interact with programs and...
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    Note to College Coaches

    There are some excellent coaches at excellent programs right on the island. Why not attend one of their camps?
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    Do I even know what the heck I'm saying? Advice please.

    Check their playing schedule. If it's in February, there's a good chance they'll be out of town.

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