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Recent content by So Cal Seth

  1. So Cal Seth

    So who has started playing again?

    I'm in Corona, so Corona Girls Softball Association. From the league's email, it seems like finals would be in August, and the phrase "a few" was used to guess how many tournaments would be played. There was also the mention of possibly only playing on Sundays for the tournaments, rather than...
  2. So Cal Seth

    So who has started playing again?

    Received an email last night from our rec league that USA Softball of Southern California has asked leagues to assemble All-Star teams for July/August to be prepared for possible tournaments. Nothing guaranteed, but this is the first I've heard from our league since refund instructions went out.
  3. So Cal Seth

    Allie 9yr old

    You didn't tell me that! Come on out! I have a giant park across the street from my house that you and Ellie can work at. : )
  4. So Cal Seth

    Season canceled - no refund offered

    Southern California. I have a daughter in a softball rec league and a t-baller in Little League. Softball is offering $100 refund or $125 credit towards fall. Little League is saying that they'll restart the season on 8/1/20 and haven't offered a refund.
  5. So Cal Seth

    DD’s new 20 yard sprint personal best

    Awesome, Jordan. I know nothing about speed training. Any tips your daugther can pass on?
  6. So Cal Seth

    Getting back on the field. Whats your Strategy?

    I've always envisioned league-style of play for softball/baseball travel as more attractive then weekend tournaments.
  7. So Cal Seth

    ANY TRYOUTS ? in your area ?

    RAD - I'm seeing the same things you are in terms of posting try outs - several "virtual" and some on field.
  8. So Cal Seth

    Swing experiment

    Have you tried any of the numerous drills that John Sangillo posts on Twitter/Instagram? Many will help you to develop the HPP. He's a TM disciple and has really taken the philosphy and ran with it. He's post a TON of content since mid-March.
  9. So Cal Seth

    How to Play Softball During a Pandemic

    I'm voting for 100 feet behind home plate, where possible. Keep bucking the trend.
  10. So Cal Seth

    Get the Rear Foot Straight in Stance

    And some with the toes even angled a tad towards pitcher compared to straight at home plate to really help feel that coil.
  11. So Cal Seth

    Half bats/flat bats

    Tennis balls are fine, as are wiffles and the smush ball types.
  12. So Cal Seth

    Swing experiment

    Just excited to see your face (name) around here again : )
  13. So Cal Seth

    Swing experiment

    Oh baby, Butter!
  14. So Cal Seth

    Covid_19 Coaching

    I don't. Newly built house in Southern California - we have nothing fun.
  15. So Cal Seth

    Covid_19 Coaching

    Just purchase J-Bands youth for my DD. Since we're stuck at home, having issues what to safely secure the bands to. What I've found best is to tall to properly perform the exercises. Outside of chain link fence at a park, what do you secure the bands to around the house? Thanks!

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