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    10u girls using The Ghost

    Are they making Ghost's USSSA approved? It's the reason I didn't get one for my DD this Xmas, but I watched a girl swing one and it was a beautiful sight to see.
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    Lack of speed & agility is concerning...

    I'm right there with you. We have an all 06 team. When we face other 06 or mostly 06 teams we look great. When we face all 05 or mostly 05 teams we look like the bad news bears.
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    Lack of speed & agility is concerning...

    Have them move up, probably playing too deep.
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    Coach pitch for 10u

    I've sat through 8u and 10u games where we would give up 13 runs on 0 hits. Like riseball said, it doesn't really benefit anyone (except marginally, maybe the pitcher). The batters don't swing. The fielders don't field. After a couple years of watching kids making sandcastles in the infield...
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    Pre-motion body lean foward

    DD just incorporated the lean this week from PC. What I noticed: 1. She immediately added 2 mph to her FB. 2. Her control improved dramatically (we had issues with her back swing and unnecessary upper body movement that have been mostly eliminated with the lean) 3. She doesn't like the...
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    The Texas Charge folded

    DD's PC said she makes more doing private lessons than what she makes coaching college (and I assume she probably made more as a college coach than an NPF player) so it wouldn't surprise me. But when I asked her why they have the season in the Summer months, this is the reason she gave me.
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    dd and myself nervous about her first time pitching at 12u level

    My DD did the same. Grooved a FB down the middle of the plate. At 10U the batter either doesn't swing or is late. At 12U it was ripped in the gap. Good learning experience and a definite wake up call that we need to really work on that change up for the Spring season.
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    The Texas Charge folded

    Spoke with my DD's PC who is a former player for the Akron Racers about this issue. She said that the because most of the NPF players are college coaches the Summer season is the only time they can play where it doesn't conflict with their college coaching jobs. If you were to change the...
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    Proud Dad Moment

    My DD a very young first year 12U player (a 2025 who turns 11 in two weeks) pitched this weekend against an all 2nd year older 12u team. Her team got killed, but what really made me proud was speaking with a parent from the other team. He singled out my DD (without knowing that she was my DD)...
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    How important is getting innings?

    Yes. I can foresee issues arising from this. After a family discussion and input from her PC we have decided to find a team where she will get innings to work on some new pitches and fine tune her other pitches. We have a workout with another team we received a recommendation on from a friend...
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    How important is getting innings?

    Correct, organization is nationally ranked. This is the first year that they are having a 12u team.
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    How important is getting innings?

    This team isn't making it through a Sunday bracket. It's mostly all first year 12s.
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    How important is getting innings?

    No she's a pitcher. She's been playing tournament ball for a couple years now and has been either the #1 or #2 pitcher for her team. This year we moved from our smaller organization to a nationally ranked organization. I didn't know when we made the switch (did a private so I didn't get to...
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    How important is getting innings?

    My DDs current situation is she is on a team with a lot of pitchers. I mean, a lot. This is a nationally ranked organization that has a good off-season workout program for hitters and pitchers. We've already attended one of the hitting and one of the pitching workouts and they were both...
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    Never ending tryouts?

    I get those same calls, usually during the tournament softball season. When I tell them all the work it requires, they never follow through. It's a huge commitment from not only the player, but the parent.

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