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  1. sluggers

    Help! Do I say anything or not? (long read sorry but needed)

    Then don't worry about who plays and who doesn't. Do your job and help the kids who want to play, and forget about the rest. Trying to figure out teenage girls is a Sysyphean task. Trying to get them to do something they don't want to do is like herding cats...if the cats were saber toothed...
  2. sluggers

    Batting the best 9 in pool play

    Coach was smoking wacky weed.
  3. sluggers

    Are you coaching the team or individuals?

    You have to be kidding. Generally, I'll take the catcher with a rocket launcher for an arm, three 2.4 second OFs, an acrobat SS, two stud pitchers, and a player who swings an oak tree in the on-decik circle over a bunch of kids who don't know 1B from a hole in the ground. There are different...
  4. sluggers

    Big organizations.

    At her age, the most important thing is for her to play and develop a love for the game. If she isn't having fun playing on her current team, then you need to find a new team.
  5. sluggers

    Video of catching drills

    I ran across this and thought some of you might like it.
  6. sluggers

    Needs to put in the work!!

    To be fair to your DD, the amount of practice required to be "good" in softball/baseball is huge. And, the practice isn't like games. Anyway, you have to establish your DD's goal. Is it to play in college? Or is it to play a little in the summer and have some fun? If she wants to play in...
  7. sluggers

    High School coach

    Funny...my kids didn't do any of that. DD#1 started every game her junior and senior years. DD#3 started every game from the middle of her sophomore year. Maybe it was politics...or maybe it was DD"#1's 14 strikeouts a game and .450 batting average, or DD#3' 20 points a game and 10 rebounds...
  8. sluggers

    High School coach

    This is a little tough love... The point of sports is to teach life lessons, not simply how to hit a yellow ball. Your DD plays on a travel ball team where she gets to play X innings no matter how well she plays. On her travel team, playing time is given to her. So, she really doesn't know...
  9. sluggers

    BR retreats from 1B by mistake, is force re-established?

    Under the NCAA rules, she is out.
  10. sluggers

    Catcher calling her own game in 12U

    This was common until about 10 years ago. Calling pitches isn't rocket science. Pitchers don't have many pitches to choose from.
  11. sluggers

    Can remember pitches intentionally thrown at...

    It is the body armor that the kids wear, not the rules.
  12. sluggers

    Dealing with gay/bi players

    I had two kids play college sports. So, these issues come up quite a bit. My kids' coaches did. Yes, you have to guidelines. You can make the guidelines apply to everyone. "You can't room with your SO during team trips" is pretty neutral. It is impossible for a coach to control what...
  13. sluggers

    Dealing with gay/bi players

    This is probably will not come as a surprise to anyone, but I really don't care who loves who. It is none of my business. If two people are happy together, God bless them. But, my abstract belief of "people should be free to love whoever they wish" has problems in the real world. Teenagers...
  14. sluggers

    A year into the journey

    She's doing well! Keep up the good work!
  15. sluggers

    Pitching Strategy against good hitters

    By the by, this is a really good discussion. My DD was a pitcher. She went to the best PC in Chicagoland. I caught her from age 11 to age 18 years in the backyard. I caught thousands and thousands of pitches. We tried every thing you can imagine to get more speed and more movement...

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