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    Internal rotation early? Spin trouble

    Looks to me the reason she is stepping to the right of her powerline is because when she drives, her drive foot twists to the right, I would bet if she worked on keeping that straight it would fix her drive direction.
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    Incorrect Rule Interpretations - a running list

    On a DTS the batter moves torward the dugout but does not enter it, then runs to first base and is safe. Parents in an uproar she should be out because she made a move to the dugout. She is safe because she did not leave the field of play?
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    Diamond Kinetics Ball

    Thanks, I have a flightscope mevo, that I use for pitching speed and it reads spin. I'm just wondering if this gives me any extra data then that.
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    Diamond Kinetics Ball

    How accurate in terms of pitch speed is this thing, is it worth the $100?
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    Who should the coach tell about practices first, the players or the parents?

    We used to be on a team where the coach would do that the age group was 10u. He would change practice time to earlier in the week or something, then we would find out about it when he would put it out to all the parents the day before. Then he would get mad that some of the parents had plans...
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    Anyone's DD's use turf shoes to play in? I've seen some HS pitchers with one turf shoe (the drag foot) and a regular cleat on the other foot. I was thinking of having my DD try just her turf shoes to play in and see how well she does.
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    Ringor cleats hands down, I order a size big, then request the inserts they send for free that take up a half size so she doesn't out grow them so fast. She outgrows them before they wear out still. I have a pair on ebay right now, she wore these since August and if she didn't out grow them she...
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    Wait, WTF? Is that the real ruling?

    Dead ball meaning foul territory or the dugout? I wouldn't doubt they didn't know the rules, it happened one or two times last year.
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    Wait, WTF? Is that the real ruling?

    Most tournaments I we have been at, on a dropped 3rd strike, if the batter makes a move back to the dugout, instead of going to 1st they will call her out.
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    Everything, their experience, where kids would play, who the assistant coaches would be, development of players vs winning (instead of making the kids on the team better upgrading them) it's a long list.
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    LOL do you play in our rec ball league? We literally have the same situation at ours. Teams are supposed to be split up fairly. My daughters team has 2 all stars /TB players on it because her coach is new and didn't know better. The head of softball has 8 all stars/tb players, and the other 2...
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    I agree but it just seems like in our area, it't hard to find good coaches that are in it for the kids, and not for the trophies.
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    Don't get me wrong they do have politics in our rec league, the difference is my DD has fun playing there, and she's just fed up with being lied to by her TB coaches.
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    I don't think that is true at all, some kids who are in rec at least in ours at one time did play travel ball. Some left because of lying coaches, politics, others left because of complications with divorced parents. We are considering changing to rec only, because of bad coaches, lying to kids...
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    Pulling girls out on defense during the inning

    I wish more coaches would have your mentality especially in the younger ages.

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