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  1. Seminole


    "we're working on her change up." I’m with you on that. My daughter just turned 13 and now in 8th grade and during middle school tryouts this summer I watched all the pitchers tryout. Each time, the coach would ask what pitches can you throw. No lie.. this one girl going into 7th grade said...
  2. Seminole

    TB Tryout Question

    Bill, after our season got cut short, we hit the ground running trying to fix some flaws in her drive mechanics and other issues, so while some girls took that time off, we went into overdrive which was the best thing for her because we got to work on stuff and not have to worry about striking a...
  3. Seminole

    TB Tryout Question

    She’ll turn 13 late July.
  4. Seminole

    TB Tryout Question

    I’m under the assumption that the pitchers need two full breaks a year to heal and recoup. Am I missing something?
  5. Seminole

    TB Tryout Question

    This may be different in other locations, but, since most travel ball teams play into July, and for Fall ball season, most of those same travel teams have tryouts late July or beginning of August, where does it leave time for pitchers to have their 4-5 week break?? I’m asking because that’s the...
  6. Seminole

    Power of the Change up

    Absolutely right about the mental aspect!!! While practicing it I told her I gotta hear fastball and see fastball until the ball is thrown. Which means, I gotta hear that fast as hell drag like she does on the fastball. Like Coach James told her, faster the arm and drive the better. Now..just...
  7. Seminole

    Power of the Change up

    Very nice!!! My daughter has been working on one as well... learned it from Coach James. Have been working on it for about 3 months; she’s been struggling with consistency with it and gets flustered... sometimes it’s perfect, most of the time it was everywhere and at times struggled to get the...
  8. Seminole

    Looking for some direction with a young pitcher

    Sluggers..thanks. I’ve seen that video and just watched it again. I get the concept, and so does DD, but actually getting it is a work in progress. So many people on here have helped us, so we’re continuing to work on it in the yard. We have time on our hands to actually work on stuff, and even...
  9. Seminole

    Looking for some direction with a young pitcher

    Sluggers, that makes sense. Thanks. The goal would definitely be brush block I’m assuming.
  10. Seminole

    Looking for some direction with a young pitcher

    Quick question about the Samantha Show video. To me it looks like she’s not getting good BI. Is that right?
  11. Seminole

    My 12U DD missing away

    Tango and cornbread, my DD pronates late too, we had the luxury of having the team photographer at our game Friday night, and he took some great pics. One in particular confirmed my thoughts that she pronates to late, and I’m guessing she’s losing speed with this and lacks better control because...
  12. Seminole

    Great Clinic Coach James and crew

    I wish we could make it to one of Coach James’s clinics. He’s helped my daughter become a better pitcher from hundreds of miles away!
  13. Seminole

    What a difference a year makes. Thanks DFP

    I’d love to see a video of before and after!!!
  14. Seminole

    13 IP 5-7-19 Ole Miss

    I watched Barnhill pitch today. Almost every pitch she’s crow hopping. Never got called.
  15. Seminole

    Mitt for bucket dad

    I bought a Rawlings Liberty Advanced 34 a few months ago and I have enormous hands, fits me fine now that it’s good and broke in. I will say the break in period was long..took a while, but it’s a great mitt for a dad.

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