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    September 1 for Class of 2022

    The Ivy recruiting process is quite unique and can be stressful. Be aware of what will come. Many of your DD teammates will have committed as Jr's or between Jr and Sr year to other schools and your's will still be "unsigned" as nothing is final until fall of sr year. They are looking for you to...
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    Recruiting roles player, parent, coaches

    My daughter's list definitely evolved over time as she became more familiar with the schools. Filtering through collegeboard got her to target those that had her major interest and further refinement occurred as test results came in. Similar to Orange Socks, my daughter attends a school that...
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    Tournaments have Started -- Seeing any Broken Bats?

    Daughter's team has/had a contract with 20 bats. 13 broke after practice and 1st tourney. No comment on what they did for last 2 tourneys but season has now been cancelled so doesn't really matter
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    Seasons and Tourneys Cancelled?

    My youngest attends an Ivy and they were told 3 minutes before the public announcement. Many tears were shed by team. Feel bad for the seniors on the team. My daughter has until sunday to clear out her dorm, get content in to storage and board a 6 hr flight. Strange days indeed.
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    NCAA No Longer Enforcing Foot Out Of Box

    The maddening part is the inconsistent application of the rule. Whether the batter is stepping in front of the plate in the 1st or the 7th shouldn't matter yet it seems to. The FSU batter called out was beyond obvious and it is amazing that the home ump couldn't call it and the middle ump had to...
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    How far do you drive?

    When my girls played travel (currently in college), I was most interested in playing for the closest travel team to our house. We were fortunate to live in a high density area so there were plenty of teams. At the end of the day, your daughter owns her journey and interest in playing softball in...
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    I remember respecting Jessica Mendoza

    Sing this to billy joel’s we didn’t start the fire. Saw it on twitter A.J. Hinch, crossed the line Luhnow gone, heavy fine Draft picks lost, rings are not Owner sad for getting caught Crane denied part in team's Making up the banging scheme Taubman censured in the text Cora, Beltran...
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    Skills Video Camera Choice

    You may wish to consider game footage with spot shadow on your player rather than skills video. Both my kids had skills videos and game footage. The coaches they spoke with seemed to prefer game footage as opposed to the controlled environment of a skills video.
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    JV or Varsity?

    In our area, the pitching at JV level was woeful and of no benefit. Having at bats against pitching with no movement, no accuracy and no pace will not allow any growth at all in my opinion. I've never actually seen a JV game and am only relying on info from my kids but they are who would know...
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    DD Committed yesterday!!!

    Having been through this, I totally relate. Congrats on the outcome you were hoping for. Definitely a marathon and not a sprint. Starting planning those trips and get your ESPN+ subscription if games are broadcast.
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    How do you answer question about "Other schools you are interested in"?

    I can't really recall on putting anything in the questionnaire as that is really early on and just getting in to their recruiting system but if your daughter is visiting a school, being toured by coach, after the tour, you'll quite likely have a mtg with the coach to talk further about...
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    College program of study

    My oldest has two roommates (don't play softball) who are in the nursing program at Clemson and are in Greenville several times a week I believe for extended hours for nursing activities. It will be real interesting to see how those demands play out for incoming freshman and/or prospective...
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    Ivy question

    My daughter had dialogue with several Ivy coaches during her junior and senior year. Visiting over spring break but the extent of any commitment was as noted committing to the admissions process. Once she agreed to that in august prior to her senior year and the pre-read for admission was also...

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