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    Helping daughter with confidence in the outfield

    I can understand your daughter’s feelings toward RF ... I think most of the “uneducated masses” (my tongue is in my cheek!) think RF is where you put your worst player ... 🤦‍♂️ I’ve coached my daughter for a few years now (she’ll move up to 14u for the fall), and I have stressed the strategic...
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    PVC Billyclub

    So Cal Seth, Can you PM me with the dimensions as well please? Thx!!!
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    Mizuno support, Just WOW!!!

    Thanks for sharing your experience Julray!!! It is awesome, in this day and age, anytime a company goes above-and-beyond to treat a customer well.
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    Power Carbons ARE HERE!!!!

    Would you please let us know how Mizuno responds? My daughter has a new PC 32/23 and has been complaining about vibration as well ... on balls that look to be squared up and hit hard. I just assumed the feel of the bat was “different” than her older xeno and that maybe it would take a little...

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