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Recent content by SB45

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    Best softball story

    Funniest strange thing that happened to me...coaching a 12U rec game. Catcher stands up, middle of an at bat, walks right past me through the dugout and leaves...not one word said. Uhhh....call a time out and adjust. She comes back after the half inning is over...."I had to poop."
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    Scenario Rule-Baseball and/or softball

    Interesting scenario...so ignoring whether the ball was intentionally dropped or not...if the runner at 1st is tagged while on the base, she is out due to force. She is not protected from the force by standing on the base. However, if the base is touched first...the batter-runner is out...
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    Dropped third force out at home

    Could the catcher have just touched home plate?
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    Pitcher daughter can't throw overhand to first base

    Just recently discussed with my pitchers that I would like to see them get out on the field quickly and throw a couple balls overhand to a teammate each inning. Pitcher goes through warmups and each inning...could be an hour since they last threw a ball overhand...while they've used a different...
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    My 12U DD missing away

    Maybe a different thought... I think of it like a tee shot...what's the difference at the point of contact between being in the middle of the fairway and the rough? An eight of an inch, a quarter of an inch? It's not a lot...repetition, feel, how you line yourself up. To me, it is similar...
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    Calling for a bunt and having the batter pull back on a ball right in the middle of the strike zone.
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    I remember respecting Jessica Mendoza

    Cheating seems to be commonplace in some pro sports, and no on in mgmt cares as long as it helps to sell tickets and merchandise. If you watch an NFL playoff game and don't recognize they use the Refs to influence the outcome, you aren't paying attention. They even change the rules at the end...
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    Ten most important things for an infielder to do

    Be moving when contact is made and move through the ball while fielding it.
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    The rarest of travel achievements

    True measure of success
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    Things College Softball Announcers Can Quit Saying

    This was a thought I had watching a game the other day...does EVERYONE really throw 70??
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    another sign you're on the right track ?

    Yes...and the same message..."who's your pitching coach?"
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    How to hit a rise ball?

    Somehow I stumbled onto Discuss Whiffle Ball
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    Covering 2nd on a steal

    I would take a look at her normal positioning and if it is even possible for her to get there on time or not. My experience has been...often SS is too deep to get there in time. But, If she is way up close to the baseline between 2nd and 3rd...they can get there but often end up in no-man's...
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    POP and throw?

    Seems like a lot of college catchers are popping and throwing rather than planting their throwing side foot and striding towards their target. I guess I could see an argument that popping would get both feet on the ground quicker...but seems to me that planting quickly and striding towards the...
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    Help me help her

    I feel like she is late in most of these swings...just a touch. Even the ball she hit well, swing looks good but probably want to hit that pitch about 6 inches more out front. In the longer video...2nd pitch is right on the inside corner...she takes but doesn't start her swing with her lower...