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    App for walkup songs?

    I think the one I hear most often is Ballpark DJ.
  2. rjgarcia76

    Pitcher's Pocket / Net recommendations

    We picked up a used Zone-In pitching target with the optional zone isolators for a good price. DD likes it for pitching purposes and it can be used as a throwing target for fielding practice also.
  3. rjgarcia76

    Help - Best place to find a left-hand thrower's catcher's mitt

    Their gloves look cool and smell awesome when they're new, but they will get super floppy in no time at all if they're being used very much at all. On the plus side they're pretty much game ready at the time of purchase lol.
  4. rjgarcia76

    Best way to find tournaments?

    That will vary by age and region. Here in Oklahoma, for the younger ages (about 12u and down) USSSA is the most played sanction. The USSSA website and will have enough tournaments listed to keep most teams busy. For teams looking to travel out of state, you have to get a bit...
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    Sore legs

    What does her warm up/stretching routine look like? Might be something needs tweaking there.
  6. rjgarcia76

    10U player - looking for input

    The top video swings do look kind of slow, but I wouldn't say they're loopy. It might be more of an intent problem than anything: is she looking to hit the ball hard every swing? Hard to tell from the video but the tosses coming in look kind of slow and arcing in to the plate which may be adding...
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    Start of 1st year 12u season

    Hard to tell from how quickly the video cuts off, but it kind of looks like she's stopping her swing at contact.
  8. rjgarcia76

    Start of 1st year 12u season

    There were some pretty solid teams playing there this weekend, imo. Do you feel like you guys saw better pitching this weekend as a whole than you have for most of the season?
  9. rjgarcia76

    Rosin question

    Not a rules expert here and not familiar with Zett brand rosin, but I think rock rosin is the only kind that is a problem since it leaves a residue that can transfer and stick to the ball. Powder rosin is legal. Maybe someone with more smarts than me can weigh in on this one.
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    Advice needed - 12U roster changes and playing time

    While I definitely agree that younger ages are about player development, it's really hard to foster a love of the game if the team is getting crushed every time they step on the field. Winning should not be the main goal, but being able to go out and compete is very important. Were the kids who...
  11. rjgarcia76

    Which cleats???

    Yes, they did.
  12. rjgarcia76

    Which cleats???

    My DD is 11, wears a women's 8 and loves the UA Glyde molded cleats. She thinks they're more comfortable than the New Balance molded she used to wear. She tried on a pair of the Mizuno and didn't care much for them in the store, but we don't have any real-game experience there. Despite their...
  13. rjgarcia76

    Suggestions on how to dismiss a player from the team

    Generally I don't like to cut a player mid-season unless it's an extreme situation. However, I do believe in holding people accountable for their own decisions. You'll have to weigh out what is right for you and your team. You mentioned she is the weakest player on the team, but does she have...
  14. rjgarcia76

    Does your kid know how to

    Nope, my DD (11U) would not know how to do that (heck, there's probably a lot of parents who couldn't either...). But, I will take full responsibility for that one since she's never had to do it herself. We have talked about how certain things are factored in to BA, OBP, etc., but as long as she...
  15. rjgarcia76

    Posing the question about the purpose of playing college softball….

    We'll probably never know the true motivations behind transfer decisions, but I can't help but think it's probably way more related to escaping the current atmosphere/culture for those athletes. Yes, there will be athletes who are looking to move up the competitive ladder by entering the portal...