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    Complaints against Nebraska softball coach show college athletes’ limited options

    Good coaching does not involve abuse and harassment. An athlete at any level deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and without the sort of toxic nonsense that Revelle is alleged to have engaged in. I have no idea whether there's any merit to the allegations or how thoroughly they were...
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    Face mask

    I think they're comparable in that regard. I don't see one being better than the other, so for me it just comes down to which one my daughters found to be more comfortable.
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    Face mask

    My daughters each have a Rip-It and a Schutt fielding mask. Both prefer the Schutt. From my perspective as their dad, both are good choices.
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    Grace gloves

    Thanks guys - I found some of Rous's before and after shots that look pretty solid. Sorry for the minor derail, OP.
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    Grace gloves

    Thanks for the answer. I'm not sure exactly, but I think around 3 years ago.
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    Grace gloves

    Thanks - I'll have to check into his work. A quick google search didn't turn up much - do you have more info about him? I've got a A2000 XL (USA made) that I got second hand from a buddy's older brother in '85 or '86. Needs new loops and a full relace and recondition. I'd love to actually use...
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    Grace gloves

    He sold the gloverelace.com business to someone else when he shifted his focus to his glove company. Do you know which one worked on your glove, and were you satisfied with the job? They both seem to have done some good work, based on their YouTube channel. I've been thinking about sending the...

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