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  1. Rick M

    What’s consider crow hop/leaping

    Is there any consensus on this? I’m going to feel pretty foolish for spending so much time and money to get DD to where she is in her delivery (legal, BTW) only to see crow hopping become permitted and all the girls who have been doing it for years are way ahead of her. Sent from my iPhone...
  2. Rick M

    Streaming - Mevo and General

    From what I can tell, you have to use RTMP to stream to the SidelineHD channel. The hundreds of videos they have are all bunched together on their YouTube channel, so not too sure how helpful that is. Going back to my original question, is the Mevo app any more dependable than LIVE4? My biggest...
  3. Rick M

    Live Streaming from GC Team Manager

    From what I understand, AthletesGoLive uses a tablet for a camera, but I’d be hesitant to hang a big ‘ol tablet on the backstop. I worry about not creating a distraction with my two GoPro-sized cameras and a battery pack. Has anyone encountered an objection from an opposing coach or umpire when...
  4. Rick M

    What’s consider crow hop/leaping

    I’ve been following this thread, not much talk about HS ball. That would seem to me to be that magical dividing line where umps have to enforce the rules. The games being played don’t just count for one weekend, results count towards conference standings, i.e. the crow-hopper from Memorial HS...
  5. Rick M

    Team rankings

    This is true. And a person with a real entrepreneurial sense would use the location data on a user’s browser to determine which rankings they’re shown. Viewing the site from Virginia? Oh, look how many Virginia teams are in the top 25! We’re playing in the best softball market around. FB share...
  6. Rick M

    Streaming - Mevo and General

    I have plenty of old smartphones laying around, so I’m fine strapping one to a fence to stream on Game Manager. It’s the inability to save the stream that has me stuck. AGL lets you save, but I’ve heard the scoring side is terrible. Maybe it’s a race between GM to provide storage and AGL to fix...
  7. Rick M

    What’s consider crow hop/leaping

    In my example above, the pitcher in question was crow hopping — that is, she was replanting her drive leg and taking a second push before completing her pitch (Kelly Barnhill style). Definitely illegal and definitely an advantage. As I watched, I was pretty incredulous. It was a tournament day...
  8. Rick M

    What’s consider crow hop/leaping

    It’s a tough call for the umps. DD and I watched one of her friends team play last fall. Their pitcher had a blatant crow hop, and she was blowing kids away at 14U. The other coach complained in the first inning, and the ump did call an IP. She stopped for 3-4 pitches and then started doing it...
  9. Rick M

    Streaming - Mevo and General

    First a general question/suggestion for the mods: should there be a separate streaming forum? I’ve found streaming topics in general, product review, and college forums. Maybe one place for streaming topics would be helpful, and it is kind of it’s own topic that doesn’t fit exactly into other...
  10. Rick M

    How good are you at Softball?

    True story: I take DD out to long toss once a week. I stand at home, DD backs up and throws underhand until she can’t reach me anymore. By the time she gets to the grass (which I absolutely cannot throw to from home), she tells me to roll it — the sun is right behind me and she can’t see it...
  11. Rick M

    Mevo Alternative

    On the cheap: I use a Campark X30 to record games, it’s around $70 on Amazon and has a great picture. It can go up to 60 fps @ 4K, which makes enormous files so I usually drop it to 30 fps so that my computer can handle editing. If you’re a pitcher’s parent, the 4K lets you zoom in on the...
  12. Rick M

    First year 10U Pitching

    DD started with a deep backswing, which I encouraged after watching video of Scarborough and Ueno. Once we found her a Tincher instructor, she started to work on eliminating it. With this year’s rule change allowing the stride foot to start off the rubber, she went to a no backswing at all...
  13. Rick M

    Ringor cleats

    Thanks again, DFP, for alerting me to every sale that comes along and contributing to my chronic GAS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Rick M

    Parents of older pitchers, what do you know now that you wish you knew when it first started.

    As others have said, 18 months sounds like a long time to be struggling with control. You didn’t say how old your daughter is, but I imagine that the longer she was pitching HE the harder it’s going to be to re-train her muscle memory. DD started going to a Tincher instructor when she was 10...
  15. Rick M

    How to handle almost entire team showing up late for game?

    DD’s team (and the whole org) has a policy that the players are required to carry all of the gear (nets, buckets, tees) from the coach’s car and get it set up for warmups. If the coach says that she’s arriving 1:15 before game time, it is understood by all that players need to be there 1:25...

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