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Recent content by Rick M

  1. Rick M

    Old School pics

    The Staten Island Advance just published a story about some of the best HS softball pitchers in New York City from the 1980’s. It’s got some great still action shots from the time. So many of them threw the ball just above their shoe laces! Anyway, good for a smile during this time of no...
  2. Rick M

    COACHES~HIT or WALK whats better?

    In the situation above, you say the on-deck hitter is in a slump — not a weak hitter, but a slumping one. As a coach, the last thing I want is for a struggling hitter to see their teammate swinging at pitches over her head just so that the slumping player doesn’t get a chance to screw things up...
  3. Rick M

    Can I get a travel ball history lesson?

    This was exactly our situation. A bunch of girls who played together since they were seven, but wound up on many different TB teams. They wanted to have one last summer playing together before the only time they shared a field would be during school ball. The “many different teams” ties in to...
  4. Rick M

    Can I get a travel ball history lesson?

    Ha, I was a coach and poor DD played every inning of every gawdawful game on the schedule! I usually hid her in the OF to give the rec-only girls a chance to pitch, so I could see where someone would think she was a wringer, even though she had played in every game. It was just the attitude —...
  5. Rick M

    Season canceled - no refund offered

    Our local rec program plays on town-owned fields, but the league is responsible for maintenance. For instance, during the last off-season, they had five trucks of dirt delivered and paid a professional landscaping company to grade all the fields and re-set the bases. The league always runs a...
  6. Rick M

    Can I get a travel ball history lesson?

    There is a flip side to this, as well. DD and many of her friends play TB, on a bunch of different teams. Last spring, they came together for one last run at a rec state title. It was 12U, end of the line. The other teams we played at 12U were furious at us. At our district final, as I was...
  7. Rick M

    No Softball in Illinois this Summer?

    Some glimmer of hope from Gov. Murphy yesterday, as reported by NJ.com: If summer camps are open, with dozens of kids doing outdoor activities, there has to be an opening for playing softball. Not full-on tournaments, but friendlies and scrimmages.
  8. Rick M

    What would you expect coaches/tournament directors to do differently when we return back to play

    This is the one big catch to not having tournaments. At 16U and above, players want to get in front of coaches, and coaches only have so much time to watch games. The tournament format definitely works for them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Rick M

    What would you expect coaches/tournament directors to do differently when we return back to play

    This could be one of the long-term impacts people have been speculating about. I’m not sure why the tournament format has become so dominant, does it really benefit anyone other than tournament organizers and parents who want plastic trophies? Where DD plays in NJ, there are at least three...
  10. Rick M

    At what point do you cancel the season, start talking about refunds

    We are paid in full for DD’s travel season. Honestly, some quick math tells me that tournament fees are about the least of our expenses ($600/13 players * 8 remaining tournaments = $370 per family). We’re paying much more for equipment, indoor space, and coaches stipends. We’ve already done...
  11. Rick M

    Mud in the Cleats

    That's what I used to use, but I figured that in today's game of $350 bats there must be some new-fangled gadget that I hadn't heard about.
  12. Rick M

    Mud in the Cleats

    DD is playing her first year of 14U, which means spikes. She likes them so far, but this past weekend she pitched (in practice) for the first time in some sloppy conditions and got mud caked on the bottom of her shoes. Then she started sliding all over the place and had a tough time with...
  13. Rick M

    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    This is another thing that Rec leagues have working against them: softball is hard. There are always a couple of very athletic girls who can get by, but if you don't have a pitcher who puts in the time to learn how to throw strikes, it's tough to have any kind of game. And you won't find the...
  14. Rick M

    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    This is a super-important point, The biggest problem with Rec teams in my area is that the parents pay $100 to get their kid in the program, and then by the end of May, a bunch of them aren't even showing up anymore. I don't even fault them much -- Rec is for kids to try something out, maybe...
  15. Rick M

    Bad Softball

    I wonder how much of the size bias has to do with the tools they're using to measure prospects. DD went to a top D2 prospect camp last fall, and I could see that they immediately separated the big bigger girls. The coaches and players helping were all armed with Pocket Radars. Their only metrics...

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