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  1. Rick M

    Umpire has the count wrong, then what?

    We had a count snafu in a semi-final USSSA game this past fall. With two outs, runner on third, the count was 1-2. The batter swung and missed the next pitch, catcher threw the ball back to the pitcher who dropped the ball in the circle and everyone started to walk off the field. The third base...
  2. Rick M

    Names on Uniforms

    Update: parents of the girls who are attending this upcoming camp decided to put the girls names on last year's uniforms. A decent compromise, IMHO.
  3. Rick M

    Coaching Power Struggle

    Trying to be the fourth coach on a team that's run by three family members sounds like a recipe for disaster, definitely time to put this team behind you. The time between the end of fall ball and the beginning of spring is a perfectly acceptable time to make a change, no need to feel bad. And...
  4. Rick M

    what do you all do with jerseys, t shirts, etc. from previous orgs

    We've saved them all, my mom has been put on notice that there will be a softball quilt in her future.
  5. Rick M

    At what point Travel ball? or are we already too late.?

    Definitely not too late. One thing you really have going for you is reasonable expectations about your daughter's skillset. If you read around on DFP, you'll find a lot of lamenting about playing time (been guilty of this myself). But if you approach a travel coach with the idea that your...
  6. Rick M

    Names on Uniforms

    Thanks for the replies everyone, I guess there really is no consensus. I feel like the attitude towards names is what Gags said: you play for the name on the front not on the back. I get that, it just seems impractical. I also hate the Yankees, so anything that smells Yankee-like causes me to...
  7. Rick M

    Names on Uniforms

    Just a quick poll -- do most of your orgs have player names on the uniforms? DD plays for a large org and none of their teams wear uniforms with player names on the back. DD is attending a prospect camp in a few weeks, and the email requested that the players wear shirts with their name and...
  8. Rick M


    DD was in a similar situation as a first-year 12U. She was on a decent B-level team, where she was the #3 pitcher. She worked hard, did lessons every week, pitched in Rec, but never pitched for her TB team. The coach played his #1 and #2 pitchers for every pool game and the brackets. DD spent...
  9. Rick M

    D1 compared to D2

    Is this a common practice? We're just starting to make our preliminary list of colleges and tuition costs are obviously a big factor. Quite often, the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition is huge. It would seem logical that programs could get a potential player on the in-state...
  10. Rick M

    Losing the Team Leader

    I'm not there yet (DD is 14U), but my guess is that she will continue to attend camps and showcases, even if she has a verbal commitment from a school as a junior. Until the paper is signed, a verbal agreement is only worth so much. In the recent past, kids were verballing in the ninth grade...
  11. Rick M

    Fast Pitch Help

    That's pretty amazing, she's off to a great start. She's got the right idea -- she should not be squaring up to the catcher. Get her to stay upright at release and you've got a beast-in-the-making! And a .602 strike percentage? Took my daughter two years of lessons to get there.
  12. Rick M

    Dr. Kaila Holtz OLY

    While I agree that 99.9% is a silly number, calling her a 'Twitter Guru' grossly underplays her credentials. She pitched in D1 and the Olympics, and is a physician with a specialization in muscles and the nervous system (had to look up physiatrist!!). We need more women like her, with a...
  13. Rick M

    RH thrower - LH batter

    I've seen a number of DD's current and former teammates try to make the switch to LH batting as they made the move to 14U. Basically, kids who were decent hitters but suddenly can't buy a hit against better pitching making a last-ditch attempt to try slapping. I think they (or more likely, their...
  14. Rick M

    Minimum Innings in order for a pitcher to progress

    Wow, how did she get so many games in? When I looked back at the numbers I posted for DD at 12U, it averages out to about three games a week. It felt like a lot at the time -- that was Rec, school ball, and travel combined. Rec is done, so I'm assuming there will be fewer games this spring. I...
  15. Rick M

    Losing the Team Leader

    This is most likely the heart of the matter, and there's not much you can do about it. She's probably been talking about this school and wearing their gear to high school for two years, and when she got an offer she shared her good news with everyone. Now, she's hurt and she's probably...

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