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    A (free) Lesson

    Do you find this to be true? A lot of the value I find with TM is his attempt (you can judge him successful or not) to find ways to teach elements of the swing that often don't get taught and thus often don't get put in place by hitters unless they figure it out themselves by trial and error...
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    What age for a hitting coach?

    Maybe think about a small group class/session to expose her to new ideas and what it means to get coached. Send her with a friend. More affordable way to ease into it but still get started on personal instruction....
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    Coach says it is time for a longer bat

    More mass. It's why they make -8s.
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    swing vs explode

    In honor of FFS's question responses to questions :) Is loose good? Or could it result in excess slack? Is fast twitch necessary? Or does a proper load (and some preload) + sequence make fast twitch not as important? Is the idea of 'explode!' any different than 'snap!'
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    Coach says it is time for a longer bat

    My preference is -10 (which IS balanced) so the 'ball doesn't beat the bat' at contact. Don't go up in length until she is ready. She's not yet at that size. When I coached 10U travel a lifetime ago we had two relatively cheap Jessica Mendoza composite bats, 28-18 and 29-19 which were good for...
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    Check swing vs Actual swing

    She's doing a lot right. At her age a check swing like that is a small miracle. On her full swing she reaches out with her front leg and falls out of her coil. Probably a function of the slow pitch speed and her aggressiveness to go get it, which isn't a bad thing. I think she'd probably hit...
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    8u player swinging halfway

    At 6-8, something's going to 'win' at collision point, the ball or the bat. If it's the ball, hitter is going to get stingers, etc. and be afraid to swing at all. With an aggressive swing, the bat 'wins.'. Get your hitters to realize they are holding the more potentially damaging 'weapon' so use...
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    Hitting the Change Up

    Yes sir. Good pitchers win a lot of those battles for sure. Good hitters also deposit less-than-perfect change-ups in the stands. It's worth working toward that opportunity.
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    Hitting the Change Up

    Splitting hairs I guess. Julray said her approach was: I think simply watching changeups leaves opportunity on the table, especially AS she moves up. I like what Maverick described as an improvement over her current approach. But I think we basically agree :)
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    Hitting the Change Up

    Of course. That's hitting.
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    Rear wrist and Forearm

    At setup, dorsiflex your wrist -- ie, point you palm not your knuckles toward the pitcher (there will be some variance). Pivot around hands, smallest circumference, not elbow, the biggest. Show the difference. Have hitter notice how hands work as they pullback (scap, back, whatever). A Power V...
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    Hitting the Change Up

    The strategy your DD used this weekend makes sense at the moment. Longer term, I always tell girls not to be afraid to look bad by working HARDEST at the things you are NOT good at. I recently ran across this post from a coach, I thought it was incredible -- it's about HER evolution as an...
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    Daughter is a tee warrior, but back hip stops on live pitching

    Your bucket 'solution' is the problem -- to clear her back heel she is shifting onto her front leg and rotating around it in her tee swing in order to avoid hitting the bucket (Rdbass can provide some rear-leg drivers that *look* like they are squishing the bug but actually not). How does she...
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    Creating and explaining a batting line up

    Just kidding. Sort of :)
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    14U Swing help

    I don't agree and think this is a false argument on many levels. Generally I'd say it's ok and let it go and just ignore it but this false choice has become the primary topic of conversation here. Which is too bad because it's becoming all about chasing down a ghost who's not even here. You say...

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