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    Motion Analysis Software for Mac?

    Technique from Hudl. I use this on my phone for everything. https://www.hudl.com/products/technique
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    Lock it in drill

    Hey Swamp. My daughter looked very similar when she started. Not an expert, but I would suggest loosening the finish. The locked elbow is for the backswing. Let her arm come through loose on the follow through with the momentum taking the elbow off the hip. Looking back at my DDs early...
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    Strength Training for Pitchers

    DD complains about snatches. Seems like throwing on days with snatches is a bad idea. I think the most important thing is the quality of movement. Technique should be the focus. And core exercises are more important than any!
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    Softball happy thoughts

    Warming up at dawn for a fall tournament this year. I can't believe I actually miss the wet grass
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    Paint or bat crack

    Haven't hit a ball outside of a batting cage in months. This weekend was our first tournament, indoors of course. Thanks
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    Back pain

    DD went through it last spring. Don't go to your pediatrician. Go to the best sports medicine doctor you can find that specializes in backs. Hopefully it is just musculature because there are some awful problems these girls can experience. Our turned out to be a strain and PT and working...
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    Paint or bat crack

    I think it is just paint
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    The inside pitch

    I bought one of these: It travels well.
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    Information Gold

    Just wanted to say how incredibly awesome DFP is. No where else in the world can you come for help and have experts with decades of knowledge jump at the chance to improve your knowledge or your DDs game. I'm reading a thread on overhand throwing and of course HLT is mentioned (as it should...
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    Ghost advanced 32/23 or 33/23 which one??

    DD and I were a little early for her PC the other day, so decided to kill some time in the local girls only sporting goods store. They had 3 ADV demos. She swings a 33/23 2020 now and obviously fell in love with the ADV. She did mention that it felt end heavy compared to her 2020.
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    Need an IR Pitching instructor in Philadelphia area

    BlackCat Fastpitch in Bridgeport has a good reputation. They are a Tincher house. http://philadelphiafastpitch.com/
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    Need an IR Pitching instructor in Philadelphia area

    Hi Angus, I know several in the area. DD started with a Tincher instructor in Whitehall (Allentown area) and is now working with a PC in Spring City (Collegeville/Trappe). Both are a 45 minute ride for us. Any particular area that you are looking?
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    Riseball resources

    Any recommendations to actually see the spin on video? I've been using Technique by Hudl, but it only captures a frame every foot or so. I can see it occasionally when catching, but as DD starts to throw harder and I keep getting slower I prioritize not catching it with my face ;)
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    Do I even try to teach pitching?

    Our Rec organization used to hold a pitching clinic, where older girls from the organization (they also had travel) and the high school would spend a couple of hours showing the girls the basics. We collected $10 from the rec coaches and the older girls got a couple of bucks for their effort...
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    When to be a pest

    My DD is also 13 and has only been pitching for a little over a year. A member on her told me to have her read Chop Wood Carry Water by Joshua Medcalf. I bought it, read it and fell in love with it. I forced all of my kids to read it last summer. DD told me it was the dumbest, most boring...

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