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  1. quincy

    High School playing time/positions, How to ask...from the kid's perspective.

    Personally I hated 3rd so did not like DD playing there. No fear.. Lot of respect for 3rd. As other posts have said have her ask the couch. Give it a little bit and get involved if you need too.
  2. quincy

    Is softball for every person?

    DD's best friend at the time talked her into playing SB. Friend quit before 1st game, SB was not for her. She played tennis instead. Kinnting comment would not go well with me either.
  3. quincy

    Incorporating pitching into 10u rec practice?

    Maybe set up 1 station with a P, batter and C. 20 pitches or so to each batter then move on. Give the P a bucket of balls to keep it moving. A different station for hitting practice.
  4. quincy

    Can one block a DFP poster?

    Did patter post anything in this thread? I have them blocked.
  5. quincy

    Forum Rules and Guidelines

    I have not violated these guidelines in at least a week so I am getting better :)
  6. quincy

    Batting Practice Games/Competitions

    DD made me mad, do not remember why. Told her to try to take my head off pitching to her. Mistake on my part. Maybe give them points asking them to hit to left, center, right. Up or down, bunt.
  7. quincy

    LXT vs CF

    Your DD is swinging too light of a bat,. DD has swung both I am not sure she could chose between the 2.
  8. quincy

    Wrapping glove between games/ practices

    I never heard or thought of this before. Good opinions.
  9. quincy

    What would be the right game time length in travel ball?

    10U rec was my least favorite season in SB. Pitchers were on thier own for the 1st time, DD being one of them. Even with inning run rules we were lucky to get 4 innings in. 10U is where I started hearing just throw strikes. For both rec and TB if pitching is there for both Teams it is a much...
  10. quincy

    Name on the jersey

    White pants, need to ask DW.
  11. quincy

    What would be the right game time length in travel ball?

    If DD pitched to batter 4 times, things are not going well. The 5th or 6th time was a killer. I think 1 Team is still batting against her.
  12. quincy

    What would be the right game time length in travel ball?

    IMO it changes on all the factors OP mentioned. I am not sure anwser. Some HS games finish like 60-55. How is that even possible and how long was the game? Mostly DD played with an hour half time, but not drop dead. So pretty much 2 hours between each game.
  13. quincy

    What would be the right game time length in travel ball?

    When it is 60 degrees. :)
  14. quincy

    Name on the jersey

    DD was just happy to have pants. When she started she wore shorts. The organization changed to pants. When I told her she said thank god.
  15. quincy

    Pitching help

    One of the reasons I had them throw into a tarp or fence was to get thier head out of throwing strikes every pitch. Also give them some room to figure things out on thier own. You do not need to make a comment after each pitch.

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