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Recent content by PitchMum

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    And it's stupid tryout season time again...

    I completely agree! It is so hard to get 16u-18u age group all together for tournament weekends, let alone practice. Especially if they are working, or have any kind of high school social life. My daughter was in stage tech and yearbook with afternoon and weekend commitments at times, then we...
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    NLI's and Congratulatory Letters!

    Congrats to your daughter! A lot of long hours and hard work goes into getting these offers. My DD will be signing with a JC this Friday, it will be an exciting day for us! It's not the best offer she received out of the bunch, but she really likes the school, the location, and the coaches. I...
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    Advice needed on senior DD committing this fall, versus waiting a few months?

    Thank you for your input. While I had no reason to doubt what the coaches were stating about funding, It made me wonder if it was a scare tactic to get a commitment quickly. We talked again about the degree programs at each school (she's undecided), the coaches, the city, the campus, housing...
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    Cold weather pitching practice

    We used an electric space heater (or two) in our garage in the winter, and had her work on drills, spins, and full pitches into a net. Have her focus on good mechanics and technique as hitting locations is impossible unless you have a very large garage.
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    Advice needed on senior DD committing this fall, versus waiting a few months?

    Hi, could you all help me understand the pros and cons of signing a NLI in the fall of DD's senior year? If the NLI is with a non-NCAA school, can either party change their mind prior to the fall semester starting? We're very excited and flattered that our DD has received NCAAJC-D1, NCAA D3...
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    16A pitcher needed for Surf City, Park City, UT

    The most typical places to post for local Utah pickup players are: https://www.softballutah.com https://www.utahusssa.com/forum-1 Hope that helps! - JP
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    Action photos

    A few action shots of my 13yr old playing 14U leagues for the first time. The photographer that we hired did an excellent job, he was worth way more than the $10 we paid!