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Recent content by Pigskinguru34

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    New Guidelines For The Team ~ What will your team do? What to expect.

    Back to practice sounds great. What is the end game? Friendlies to keep the girls active yet safe or playing in tournaments? I know so many want to get back to tournaments but can’t imagine those go well with hundreds to thousands of people in the same place, using the same facilities, staying...
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    No Softball in Illinois this Summer?

    The risk is not for them and this is where better education has to come into play. If there were a way for the kids to go play and then isolate and take care of themselves then they would be playing. But when the kids go out play and become contagious and bring it back home that is what we...
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    When will travel ball start back up? Poll

    yeah I think when the nfl season gets canceled people will lose their minds and then realize this is going to be a long time. The medical experts within the nfl are already telling the commish and owners they feel that the chance of having an nfl season is less than 5% in their expert medical...
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    When will travel ball start back up? Poll

    When does a vaccination come? Until then we are not going to see any type of mass group gathering permitted as long as the virus can spread. The only other thing outside of a vaccination is a 5 minute test that can sense if you have the virus with 100% certainty. And I don’t see that being...
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    Yes I am fully expecting there will be no softball or any sports until June at the earliest and unless there are sure signs of containment by mid may expect it last into Summer
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    Tournaments have Started -- Seeing any Broken Bats?

    I have returned 6 bats to Easton over the last year and in total highest I paid from IL to CA was $11 and average was $8.75
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    New Professional Softball League Starting

    yeah there are so many initial flaws to this concept that i do not see it lasting even 2 months.
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    Chicago Bandits clinic?

    Chris, it is good fundamentals and if you have a younger DD playing (typically 13 and under) who is interested in the Bandits team this is a primary way of getting noticed and switching teams.
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    My DD has a swollen ankle and a tournament in a week

    High ankle and no way she should push it for that short of a window as it will only make it worse. If low sprain, if she is a good healer it is definitely possible. I start by asking to research any hyper barric chamber treatment options in the area. If so it is a highly used technology by...
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    USA Softball revised requirements for tournaments

    Yes it is, but PGF under Dave Betcher is sooooo much better and if you can get your team into his tournaments and compete no need to play in the poorly run and umpired ASA/USA tournaments
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    Abbott throwing gas at the Stand Beside Her Tour

    Yeah same experience and I think throughout her whole stint there she never attended a single bandits of tomorrow game to interact with the young girls trying to follow in her footsteps. A great talent but not an ambassador to the game who goes out of her way to ensure she motivates young girls...
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    Having weighed now close to 20, 32/21 GA's and not a single one coming in under 23 ounces (drop 9). The few 32/22 that I weighed were roughly around 23.5 ounces. So talking .3-.6 ounce difference in the drop 11 and drop 10 at the 32 length. I would wait until they have one to test and then...
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    Webbing on the Easton Ghost Advanced?

    That is paint only hopefully but I got word on 2 cracking last night at local tournament so hopefully this is not a sign of things to come.
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    Bushnell radar gun?

    pocket radar is great all around as use it for exit speeds and hitting but if you just want something for pitching don't get it for that as you definitely want spin tracking as well as speed.

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