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Recent content by Orange Socks

  1. Orange Socks

    Can I get a travel ball history lesson?

    I coached DD's Summer All Star teams for 5 years. After we got 3rd place in 14U B Southern Nationals with only 10 teams (lol) it was time for DD to venture into the "real" TB world. She ended up on a 14U team in a pretty well known organization. During tryouts I did not know which team was...
  2. Orange Socks

    Interesting post on Facebook Group about Stay to Play

    Yes, but I am not talking about those wanna be tourneys. I am speaking of the REAL Nationals events that the best teams around the country are attending. You can't just say we're not going, and just stay home to play the Hittin' Kittens in the B league circuit. That helps no one. The Hittin'...
  3. Orange Socks

    UT Dallas Lexi White passes away

    This is a girl that was on my DD's college team. We found out over the summer that she had brain cancer, but hadn't heard any updates. DD got a group text the other day saying that she didn't have much time then the next text was notifying the girls that she passed. DD said she just saw her...
  4. Orange Socks

    Interesting post on Facebook Group about Stay to Play

    They base it on where the team is from, not where you have extra homes. Not a typical situation. When we went to Colorado I stayed with a college buddy's family and save $$$ that way. The rest of the team's room blocks satisfied the minimum days to stay to qualify.
  5. Orange Socks

    What makes you lose your mind?

    Rec ball and lower age levels you are right. Ever watch a College Game in person or on TV? You better believe those bench warmers are up on the rail leading those cheers. College Coaches like to see players hustle though. They want to see someone who is fired up and ready to get after it...
  6. Orange Socks

    What makes you lose your mind?

    And then walking into the dirt infield and you end up with Orange Socks!
  7. Orange Socks

    Interesting post on Facebook Group about Stay to Play

    This is all very dandy to say, but very hard to follow through. With the biggest National tourneys requiring STP, what are you going to do? All TCS "Nationals/Regionals" tourneys are STP including Fireworks/Sparkler, Louisville Slugger IDT is also STP, PGF Nationals, etc. You can definitely...
  8. Orange Socks

    Softball recruiting :)

    Unfortunately, families don't understand this. I had a mom tell me she is too busy to do the work, and she would pay me to contact the coaches. I told her No Way! Your player needs to do the work and research. I am happy to help your players along the process, but I am not going to put...
  9. Orange Socks

    Will others follow Texas lead on summer play?

    The games are supposed to be competitive games instead of the typical showcase games. We all love boring showcase games right? They are supposed to stream them live and record stats for the college coaches that cannot travel. Best of both worlds right?
  10. Orange Socks

    Tournament Fees

    Well done!!!
  11. Orange Socks

    Colorado IDT and Fireworks plans

    We are pulling out of Boulder IDT. There is already the TCS SW Nationals in Austin, and I believe many organizations will make that their big Nationals. Texas teams are also working to put together a Summer League finishing with a WCWS format ending tournament for the finals. They are trying...
  12. Orange Socks

    D1 Retired Softball Player Looking To Help! www.d1insidethelines.com

    All you have to do is read through all the posts on this forum. It's full of parents giving tips on what to and not to do.
  13. Orange Socks

    Extra innings rankings

    TB coaches pimping their players. Many great players are not included and overlooked. Is it accurate? Not really, but it gets subscriptions and something for us to talk about.

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