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    10 Items That Should Always Be In Your Coach’s Bag

    We always brought along an extra uniform top - without a name, Sometimes the player shows up in the wrong jersey. Seriously, this does happen,
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    Personally I detest the "organized cheering" at the HS and college level. WhiIe I like our players to be involved in the game, if they are going to be yelling anything I'd rather have it be the number of outs, the count, or something of that nature. I realize that I am relic asking for the...
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    Knuckleballs possible?

    In the history of MLB the most successful knuckleball pitchers threw it almost all the time. The hitters knew it was coming and still could not square it up. I think the smaller ball and longer distance contributes to greater movement on the ball. These guys lasted years beyond their hard...
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    Are Leaders Born Or Made?

    Leadership is the ability to get individuals to work together for the common good and the best possible results The most basic trait for a leader to have is respect of the team. Communication that we have a common goal, and that the team needs to work together to get there. They must be...
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    Daughter is playing too tight

    I have coached TB from 2001 to 2012 and HS JV for the past 8 years so I know there are issues with being new and I know about COACHING. I spend time at many practices talking with the players about school because I want them to understand that we as coaches care about them as student/athletes...
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    Daughter is playing too tight

    Fair enough and with some good points. I shall consider them.
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    Daughter is playing too tight

    Sounds like a great kid. Hope it all works out for the best.
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    Daughter is playing too tight

    Your comment "she's a catcher" to me as a coach is a red flag. Kids need to be able to play multiple positions for just the reason you stated that the current catcher is established and is likely comfortable with the pitchers. She may even be a better player. I know you stated she would be...
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    Teaching to throw hard

    Start out with tennis balls. Then move to 11" softies and finally 12 in. Softballs. Make sure she has the correct motion. Break hands in the mid chest. Pull back the throwing arm initiating scapula retraction. Level with the ground. Throw at 1 o'clock arm slot. Oh and then there's the...
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    This is NOT good for college softball

    Somewhere I Remember that title ix maintains that there must be an equal number of sports between men and women. If they cut softball a men's sport also has to go.
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    Looking for help with batting. 16u

    Um OK I'll give it a go. You are very rotational with the upper body mechanics, which translates to the bat in and out of the strike zone rather quickly. The front shoulder needs to works up and back while the back shoulder works down and under. This is mostly due to no upper body tilt over...
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    Maggie Update - Help Appreciated

    I agree on the tee comment. The hitter should not be looking at the tee. Your head is never in that position during a game yet you are practicing that. Put a 2nd tee beyond the screen and have the hitter look at the "pitch" and swing to hit it on the first tee. Also please move the first tee...
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    Excellent. Thank you.
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    That incessant team wide chanting that goes on in the younger age groups. It even has filtered it's way up to older age groups at times. Same almost non-sensical stuff each time. I know it's too much to ask them to pay attention (you know like how many outs, why is she tagging up, etc.) but...
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    Appreciate your replies. However, my issue was with forehand and backhand ground balls, whereas the videos are more concerned with sliding and diving for balls. Thanks.

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