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Recent content by murphdog

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    How will the new Executive Order change softball?

    you wouldn’t even know by looking at them that 99% of the trans kids your DD might play with are trans. You aren’t looking at 6 foot tall 250 lb kids just deciding one day to be girls. I know quite a few trans kids as a good friend of mine is the mother of a trans boy (born a girl) and for...
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    DIII and Financial Aid - what's your experience?

    A number of DDs college friends at the D3 she’s at got significantly less in merit aid than she did, some got similar. Many got merit aid and lost it by the end of freshman year due to GPA not being good enough.
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    Late Night Practices

    If she plans on playing in college she can use it as an experience to get used to practicing at all times. If they are allowed to start preseason in late January DD’s school will have plenty of very early morning or late night practices. DD’s last club team had late Sunday night practice...
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    Belly button ring?

    I believe the phrase you are looking for is tramp stamp. I think some girls can tastefully have a belly ring and not draw all kinds of attention solely based on how they dress to begin with.
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    Belly button ring?

    DD wants hers done but frequently head first fives while stealing bases so she’s waiting until she graduates. She has 6 piercings in one ear, 4 in the other, 2 tattoos and a nose ring. The only think I don’t like is the nose ring but she’s 20 so I really have no say.
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    How many TB teams has/did your DD play for?

    DD started playing travel at age 8 on our town travel B team. Same group of girls were the town travel A team the next year and played a more competitive schedule against club teams and did really well. She aged up to 12 U with one of the coaches kids and after a very dramatic town 12U...
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    Teammates not getting along

    She needs to talk it out with the pitcher and if that doesn’t work involve the coach. Those are two positions that have to work together because when they don’t the whole team suffers.
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    Dealing with gay/bi players

    My DD was far more traumatizes by the loss of a many years friendship than she has ever been over the end of a relationship. Until you are or have been a teenage girl don’t try to say that I’m devaluing how a teen girl feels about which is worse the loss of a friend you considered a sister or...
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    Dealing with gay/bi players

    You didn’t suggest keeping gay player of a team but another poster did so that was directed at them. losing a best friend as a teenager can also be devastating. I’ve seen both happen to close friends of my DD and neither one is pretty. And they only force a team to chose sides if the people...
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    Dealing with gay/bi players

    A teenage gay girl is not going to get my daughter pregnant. FWIW, DD is 20 now so no longer a teen. DD has friends both male and female that are gay. Her best friend who is like a daughter to me is gay, this kid spent as much time at my house as she did at her own for years, was I supposed...
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    Dealing with gay/bi players

    Sure I’d have an issue if my 17 year old DD was sleeping over a boys house. But another girl, gay or not, I would have zero issue with. There’s a pretty good chance that at least one of your (collectively) DD’s best friends is either gay or bi and you just don’t know it yet. Are you...
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    Dealing with gay/bi players

    It’s not a problem until you make it one. There is as much chance of players leaving because they have a falling out with a BFF than if a relationship fails. Whether a player is gay should have zero impact on if that coach offers the player a spot on the team. And if it does that’s a...
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    Dealing with gay/bi players

    I certainly wouldn’t encourage relationships between teammates but if they happen they happen. Teenage girls are full of drama by nature, some less than others, some thrive on drama. but honestly even asking if they should hang out together or have late night swims is a touch homophobic...
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    Is it a bad thing that I looked quickly at this post title and briefly wondered why there was a post about Screwball peanut butter whiskey?
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    September 1 for Class of 2022

    My DD was big on location (city) and major above all else. She’s since changed her major but absolutely loves living in downtown Boston and playing softball when it’s allowed. We toured a bunch of Boston schools, we’re local so we went to a bunch of open houses and had a pretty solid idea of...

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