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Recent content by MoxieSoftball

  1. MoxieSoftball

    Pitch Calling

    If its straight it will be hit...Can you imagine if Greg Maddux didn't have movement on his pitches especially later in his career. Location is important but when you can locate with movement you can own hitters.
  2. MoxieSoftball

    Reynolds no stride

    No stride but he does have a foot tap...something to keep rhythm.
  3. MoxieSoftball

    Playing with the load

    A set routine is important to relax the hitter. Its also important for a hitters rhythm. Hitting is like dancing with the pitcher. Timing in one word.
  4. MoxieSoftball

    Runner on 2nd signaling pitch location to batter

    part of the game...get better at disguising signs and pitches. Using technology on the other hand isn't ok. It needs to be done without that. If my girl is giving up location the other team will never know it though. That's part of having etiquette as well. If you have one out there yelling...
  5. MoxieSoftball

    Defense, can anybody play anywhere?

    I agree its the parents job but not all parents are capable. If you are then awesome! More than anything its a culture that I want my kiddo to be around. The culture of having that burning desire to be the best and not liking it when she loses. I know that I can be an influence in that but I...
  6. MoxieSoftball

    12u pitcher needed

    This isn't my first coaching stint. I coached college baseball for a number of years. My daughter had been playing on a team before that I just couldn't stand watching. It was poorly coached and for an organization that was just a numbers game. They had like 6-12u teams. That's why I...
  7. MoxieSoftball

    12u pitcher needed

    I have the perfect idea. I own a paraplane company. I will have one shipped to Beloit and have her here on the next prop turnin. I will attach bungie cords for her luggage. Can't wait to meet her. Make sure she wears a helmet and eye protection though. rides can be bumpy from time to time...
  8. MoxieSoftball

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome! new here too
  9. MoxieSoftball

    12u pitcher needed

    Thank you for all of the kind responses. I'm so much smarter now! :)
  10. MoxieSoftball

    Knob to the ball or barrel to the ball?

    that's awesome. Good luck to yall!
  11. MoxieSoftball

    Knob to the ball or barrel to the ball?

    somewhat, but its far more than that. A team that shortens their swing and knows how to hit a pitch up versus trying to lift will have far more success with the ball up in the zone.
  12. MoxieSoftball

    Knob to the ball or barrel to the ball?

    probably wont happen. I will take a team who puts the ball in play more consistently versus strikes out. Maybe its a baseball way of thinking since softball seams to rely more on one big inning...
  13. MoxieSoftball

    Knob to the ball or barrel to the ball?

    Nice...I have never done the stats on it. Very interesting, but I will tell you if I know you are a team who tries to lift the ball my pitching philosophy will be tailored to that.