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Mompants's latest activity

  • Mompants
    Mompants reacted to The Man In Blue's post in the thread App/podcasts with Like Like.
    I have a couple of umpire podcasts that I listen to, but they are exclusively baseball focused ... has made me consider doing a softball...
  • Mompants
    Mompants replied to the thread App/podcasts.
    Both either or.
  • Mompants
    Does anyone have an app or a podcast via app that they listen to softball on? I work on the road and need me some softball listening
  • Mompants
    Mompants reacted to Cannonball's post in the thread Quizzes with Like Like.
    I don't want the quiz! No thanks!!! What was that saying about keeping quiet so you don't show people just how dumb you are? I forget...
  • Mompants
    Mompants replied to the thread Quizzes.
    Can u send me the quizzes
  • Mompants
    Mompants replied to the thread Quizzes.
    May I get the quizzes? I'm interested

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