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Recent content by Momof3

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    Playing too much and burn out for 10u ? Any happy medium?

    I think you have a couple of options here. I'm going to lay them out for you: 1. Do nothing different meaning go to all tournaments and see how it goes. Maybe some will get rained out. In combination with this see #2. 2. Skip a few tournaments as your schedule allows with advance notice to...
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    Coaches - Allow Players to pickup?

    Our state USSSA rules were changed in the past few years due in part (this is my understanding): to this type of situation happening: Girl A would be playing with Team 1(B level) and Team 2(A), sometimes in the same tournament, but sometimes different weekends. For the same org, but different...
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    Coaches - Allow Players to pickup?

    While different, it's not completely different. Those governing bodies tend to establish rules due to actions by teams, players, and coaches. Such as allowing too many guests or roster changes. They generally don't make these types of pre-emptive rules that don't have any basis in past actions...
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    Coaches - Allow Players to pickup?

    I also want to add this. There are lots of rules in life, heck even in softball, that you might disagree with...including the reasons behind them. We can all probably think of some examples. If you disagree with your coaches' rules, leave the team. This type of stuff happens in all sports...
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    Coaches - Allow Players to pickup?

    USSSA must disagree. Because they have formal rules about guest play and who gets notified. Also rules about switching rosters.
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    Coaches - Allow Players to pickup?

    I have seen a lot of 12u teams in our area pick up EXTRA pitchers almost every weekend, only to sit their paying players (not just resting pitchers, but doing that too). Why? So they can win tournaments. It is everything that is wrong with youth sports. Win, win, win at all costs. At 12u. IMHO...
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    Who's Coaching Your Kids??

    Also wanted to add - I think part of the regulation comes from the Little League. I don't think there is a unifying "league" in softball to make rules you are perhaps suggesting. USSSA, USA, PGF, etc. Same issue with soccer. Multiple organizations spring up, offer tournaments or leagues, not...
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    Who's Coaching Your Kids??

    It strikes me (pun intended) that baseball around us is much more organized. Limited travel teams all affiliated with the rec league. Very strict rules on tryouts and amount of pitching time and playing time. Baseball like most boys sports gets a lot more participation and funding and research...
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    Its not the organization.... or it is?

    This is a really great story. I love that you are talking about ramping up the development around 14u and not for example going full out 1st year 12u and burning out. A few questions Are only the pitchers from your team committed to schools? How much did academics factor into the college...
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    Tell me about the myths of softball recruiting

    I have recently heard so many people who I thought were fairly educated saying things that I know to be untrue or at least exaggerated or based on outdated information. Here are some examples that I have heard recently and I'd love to hear more. Not knowing the difference in potential funding...
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    Overuse Injuries and Year Round Training

    Thank you all for all the feedback! It is hard to parent in these situations. I agree with you Pattar that the focus on competition and stressful situations creates a different kind of stress on the body as well. I am not sure I agree that more hours of strength and conditioning is the...
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    Overuse Injuries and Year Round Training

    I have watched this video several times. It is from Bryant Gumbel as part of a series. Curious what others think about the increased trend in specialization for young athletes in softball. The video doesn't address a specific sport but seems to focus on ACL tears and profiles some in...
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    Handling of team/player finances

    Some scout troops/etc do this. But many do not and the troop shares all fundraising for better or worse. My post about not having individual accounts for certain team sports also applies to scouts. Depends how the leaders run it.
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    Seeking Perspective on Guest Playing While Still Committed to Another Team

    Ok what if the other team has two solid pitchers and they are brining in a guest for #3? And also what if #3 plays with them for double headers /scrimmages, and not just tournaments?
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    Handling of team/player finances

    It is all too common for mistakes to be made or embezzlement issues to unfortunately occur in any type of non-profit or volunteer parent organization. Best to have at least two sets of eyes on the accounting always. Whenever I have been involved in finance issues for any sport or youth...

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